Resources for teaching ages 16+

Explore the tools and information that'll come in handy for teaching geography to students over 16 years, and start thinking about career opportunities.


  • Doctoral and Post-Doctoral support - we'd like to hear from students who have research ideas at undergraduate and post-graduate level.
  • OS OpenData - your creative students can use this map data to help their digital projects.
  • OS OpenSpace - technically-minded students can use this data to embed maps into their website or app.

Educational resources

  • Digimap for Colleges - a free online mapping service provided by JISC, delivered by EDINA and enabled by OS. Use the annotation tools to identify different types of land use and buildings, plot transport routes to find the safest way to travel, and find the best location to open a new business. It's free to use - your college just needs to be signed up.
  • Digimap for Universities - once your university subscribes, students and researchers can access our map data through the Digital Ordnance Survey Collection® - delivered by EDINA and JISC.


Career stuff

  • Working at OS - we do more than paper maps. We're a digital data company with lots of different roles including software engineers, data scientists, user experience designers, product managers and marketers.
  • Graduate scheme - we open applications to our graduate scheme around August every year. Encourage your students to apply. They'll get stuck in to projects to help make a real difference.
  • IT Trainee Programme - we're often looking for motivated, passionate self-starters with a keen interest in technology and IT.
  • Internships, apprenticeships - from time to time we offer specific roles. Get your students to keep checking our careers pages.
  • Twitter and Facebook - we post all job vacancies on our Twitter account and Facebook careers page.