Resources for teaching ages 7-11

Children should be able to find counties, cities and regions on a map and use digital mapping to locate different features. Use our tools to help you prepare for field trips, too.

Digimap for Schools

Access a huge library of online maps which support the primary and secondary curriculum.

All you need to know

School resources

EDINA's Digimap for Schools - a safe, online mapping service for children to use. Annotate different maps: draw polygons, add text, photos and point markers to plot routes.

Watch some helpful videos on using Digimap for Schools.


Map reading

MapZone resources for curriculum topics

Election maps resources

Activity 1: Who's my councillor?
Get pupils to create a document showing a map of their house and street with the names, details and even photos of all the various councillors that represent that area.
Activity PDF (107kb)
| Word doc. (124kb).

Activity 2: Be a vocal local
Get pupils to identify 3-5 issues/problems within the area immediately surrounding your school. They can annotate the map with these problems and also with solutions. You can prioritise issues by importance and colour code whose responsibility each problem lies with.
Activity PDF (106kb)
| Word doc. (148kb).

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