Licensed use of OS data in education

If you're an educational establishment - be it a school, college or university - you'll need to read the terms for using OS map data and any associated products or services.

You only need to accept our licensing terms and conditions (and pay any relevant fee) associated with the product and/or service that you are licensing. For example, EDiNA, Digimap or other Ordnance Survey Partner products and services.

We have the same general approach to licensing across these various products and services. We use common terms so that you can recognise the rights we grant even when using different services. There may however be some variations in the detail of the specific terms and conditions involved.

You should read the full terms and conditions of your licence agreement and agree to be bound by those terms and conditions before using your chosen data service and the Ordnance Survey data within it. You'll find each product/service has details of the terms.

What you can do with OS data

1. You can use OS mapping data for ‘educational use’ meaning for the purpose of teaching, learning, educational or academic research and private study within an educational establishment.

2. You have permission to use OS mapping data for ‘educational use’ in the following ways:

  • For searching, retrieving, saving, displaying and viewing the mapping data, for example, in a geographic information system (GIS).
  • For creating, copying and saving educational and academic materials in printed or electronic form. For example, this could include pupil/student coursework and course notes, assignments, portfolios, theses, learning resources, teaching resources, teacher training materials, conference papers, academic and journal articles.
  • For using the mapping data in educational or academic research or for private study as part of the course or study programme offered by the establishment being attended.
  • For publishing electronic versions of any of the materials created as part of any of the activities above on the secure intranet of the establishment involved.
  • For providing any of the materials created to external assessors or examiners.

3. You have permission to use the mapping data for ‘limited administrative/external use’. This means using the mapping data to generate a map for displaying on a website or to make a printed map that serves one or more of the following purposes:

  • Shows the location of an establishment or other fixed assets leased, owned or managed by that establishment.
  • Shows the location of an event organised by an establishment up to and for the duration of that event.
  • Provides directions or routes to an establishment’s premises and/or fixed asset and/or event as outlined above.
  • Shows the catchment or operational area of an establishment.