Using OS data in education and research

We support and encourage students and researchers at all levels to use Ordnance Survey mapping data as part of their learning.

To help you get the most out of OS data, we’ve provided suitable data licensing terms to our Partners which will be in place on 1 July 2018. These terms will enable them to develop innovative digital online products and services that deliver benefits to the educational community.

What you can do with OS data

Our education licence aims to be enabling and permissive so covers any activities that a fair minded and reasonable person would consider falls within the spirit and intention of ‘Educational Use’. Here’s what students and researchers can do with OS data:

  • Use OS data for or in connection with teaching, learning, academic and sponsored research and/or private study.
  • Use OS data at or in connection with recognised places of education providing student learning or teacher training, whether on site, or remotely.
  • Use OS data at all levels of education, including schools, colleges, universities, research councils and other related entities.
  • Where relevant, use OS data to support the delivery of the National Curriculum and the Curriculum for Excellence.
  • Places of education can also use OS data to show their location, extent of campuses and/or the location and directions to an event organised by them. Our education licence covers fair and reasonable use for this type of data usage.

We’ve designed our licensing model so that OS data is free for students at the point of use. Places of education will only pay a fee to their chosen service provider to cover access to their service. 

In return we ask that students, researchers, and those delivering teaching and learning, respect the copyright and data usage rules for OS data. Please acknowledge OS copyright. These rules will be set out in the service terms you will be asked to agree to.

Check you're eligible to use OS data

There are currently two Partners who provide services to access OS data: EDINA and Jisc Collections.

If you are a school, college or university interested in using OS data, you can check whether you’re eligible from the following links:

OS data for schools

OS data for colleges

OS data for universities

Contact EDINA or Jisc

Please contact EDINA or Jisc for information and help using their online services:

EDINA helpdesk: / +44 (0)131 650 3302

Jisc helpdesk: / +44 (0) 300 300 2212