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Insight application

In order to ensure that your Ordnance Survey Insight licence is completed correctly, and so that you receive Ordnance Survey Insight communications promptly, please complete the following details. By doing so and clicking Submit, you agree to the terms of the OS Insight Non-Disclosure Agreement.

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Organisation Details
UK or Overseas Company Details

Please fill in the UK company registration details or alternatively the oversea's company registration detail if different to above.

Signatory Contact Details

The signatory contact should be someone in a position of responsibility authorised to sign the OS Insight Data Evaluation Licence for example a department manager or company director.

OS Insight Participant Contact (Primary)

The Insight Participant Contact should be someone who will be evaluating product consultations.

OS Insight Participant Contact (Secondary)
OS Insight Interest

Please confirm why you are applying to become a member of the OS Insight programme and what you are hoping to achieve from your involvement.

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