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Ordnance Survey forums

OS OpenData

OS OpenData

OS OpenData products offer you access to a wide range of map data products at no additional cost.

Latest activity in Where is the xsd file for OS Open Greenspace?John@GIS4BUSINESS at 14 November 2017 05:24PM

OS OpenSpace

OS OpenSpace

Questions and answers about the OpenSpace forum and where to find important resources and support.

Latest activity in Embedding a map into my WP websitenomadstanley at 16 November 2017 09:25AM

Product Updates

Product Updates

Latest activity in OSMM Highways Network - Road Speed Dataianbennett_os at 1 November 2017 09:01AM

Public Sector

Public Sector

The public sector area lets you discuss your successes and challenges with other public sector organisations and the Ordnance Survey public sector team.

Latest activity in Member question - Inconsistent look and feel on zoom stack.marrywilliams at 16 November 2017 11:42AM

Welcome to the Ordnance Survey forums

The forums area offers you the opportunity to discuss your needs and find answers to your questions through conversations with other forum members. Ask you question, make your point or find solutions that others have posted to help you achieve your goals.

Whether you are a GIS support manager in a public sector organisation or an individual looking to make the most of Ordnance Survey OpenData products, sharing your questions, challenges and successes helps us to deliver more value to all our customers, where ever and how ever they work with our map data products.

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