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OS Terrain 50 question

[Deleted User]
  • Deleted user
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    • 16 January 2014 12:50AM
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    I just downloaded the Terrain 50 data - ASCII grid and am using QGIS Desktop 2.0.1 to view the data.

    My problem is that the seperate data files dont seem to be using the same scale, ie they start at a different greyscale value, hence some are darker than others and u can clearly see the borders of the tiles.

    Is there a way I can calibrate the tiles, so i can get accurate data without the borders?

    Thank You in advance.

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    OS OpenSpace TeamOS OpenSpace Team
      • 24 January 2014 02:12PM
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      Hi Steve

      A colleague has kindly contributed the following advice;

      'There is a way to generate more pleasing images using the following piece of code:


      SET GDAL_DIR=C:OSGeo4Win
      SET GDAL_DATA=C:OSGeo4Wshareepsg_csv

      FOR /R "%DATA_DIR%" %%A IN (*.asc) DO (%GDAL_DIR%gdaldem hillshade "%%A" %%~NA.tif -z 3 -az 315 -alt 60 -of GTiff -compute_edges)

      This piece of code should be copied into a text editor and saved as a .bat file.

      The directory that the asc files sit in should replace the in the code above and saved and the .bat file copied to the directory that holds the data. Once the .bat file is double clicked geotiff files will be created from the asc files. These .tif files can then be bulk loaded into QGIS; they look much, much better!

      However to make this work the customer should download and instal GDAL and OSGeo4W (the 4W indicates that this is for Windows). The path to GDAL (C:Program FilesGDAL for example) should be saved to the customers Environment Variables.'


      OS OpenData Team

        • 18 October 2017 04:15PM
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        Maybe this tutorial will help you:

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