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Schema 9

Latest MasterMap Topo Update - Schema 9 Phase 2

    • 18 July 2017 01:52PM
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    • Registered: 29 August 2013 11:54AM
    • Last active: 13 September 2018 07:40AM

    Can anyone confirm whether the latest OS MasterMap Topo update (July 17th) contains any of the new descriptive terms content?

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      • 9 October 2017 02:31PM
      • Visits: 5
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      • Registered: 9 January 2017 11:42AM
      • Last active: 13 February 2018 02:53PM

      Can you confirm whether the latest OS MasterMap Topo update (published 9th October 2017)is definitely containing the first phase of the Schema 9 upgrade to the descriptive terms.

      What is the boundary between the North and South of the Agricultural Land blocks scheduled for upgrade across the next two releases?

      Is there any indication on the number of files and data volumes expected with each release of upgraded data as presumably there will be far more data than would normally be expected in a standard COU delivery

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