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Overlay custom tiles

    • 11 October 2017 10:51AM
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    • Registered: 23 July 2015 02:26PM
    • Last active: 14 January 2018 09:12PM

    For a limited region (part of Norfolk, UK) I want to create a set of custom map tiles and have them overlaid on the OS map in some way that I can toggle between the two, e.g. by adjusting opacity of the overlay or show/hide the overlay when it's clicked etc.

    I haven't created the tiles yet, but I'd probably want to create them for a single zoom level (10)

    I'd like to get an idea how to overlay one set of tiles on the OS map data.

    I could imagine hacking it via mapOverlay.setHTML('<img...) if I could dynamically add & remove these image tiles when the user browses to a supported region of the map at the correct zoom level (10).
    But I wondered if there's a "right" way to do this?

    My app is http://will-moore.github.io/dads_maps/



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