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Number of Lanes

    • 8 December 2017 12:29PM
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    • Registered: 27 February 2017 11:53AM
    • Last active: 8 December 2017 12:23PM

    Reading the Technical Spec for the ROADS product there is a Note that says “numberOfLanes” attribute is not being populated in the initial product releases

    What release of the Highways product is this attribute planned for population?

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      • 11 December 2017 11:13AM
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      Hi Martin,
      Glad to hear about your interest in Highways product!
      With regards to your question about numberOfLanes - at the moment we have no particular plans as to when this will be populated. If you would like to be in touch about the value this data would bring to you, we are very keen to hear more from you.
      Please let us know either here on the forum or at customerservices@os.uk.

        • 11 December 2017 01:13PM
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        I have just logged in to post a question about exactly the same topic! I am very keen to obtain the number of lanes attribution. As a highway authority this is a something our users frequently ask for. Is there a reason why it was included in the technical documentation but then excluded from the product release? I was disappointed to see this was missing.

          • 12 December 2017 03:27PM
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          • Registered: 11 December 2017 10:58AM
          • Last active: 23 October 2018 07:46AM

          Hi Fiona,
          Thank you for your message and question.
          The reason why numberOfLanes attribute has been included in the Roads technical specification document, but not populated in the product release is that we designed this attribute as a placeholder for when we have the data to populate it.
          We would need to source this information from either third party or capture it ourselves. If on the contrary we wouldn't have designed it like this and we would have obtained the data and further on decided to amend the product - it would mean a 12 month notice to our customers, changes in the product schema models and data and also in the way our customers would use the data. Therefore, we decided it is much more efficient to create this attribute as a placeholder initially and then populate it as soon as we can source the data for it.
          At the moment we are not actively investigating data sources, however we would be keen to find out more about the value and use of this data to you and your customers. This will be great feedback for us and we are happy to keep this discussion going. Please let me know if you want to discuss more and feel free to get in touch on my personal email diana.moraru@os.uk or on the OS PSMA email psma@os.uk.

          Many thanks,
          OS Technical Product Manager

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