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Usage limit tiles cached

    • 7 April 2018 09:32AM
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    • Registered: 17 December 2017 04:27PM
    • Last active: 7 April 2018 09:22AM

    For some undiscovered reason my API reached its tile limit yesterday. It went to 394,000 tiles used (capped at 100,000) when I've never seen more than about 70,000 in a day before. I have emailed OS support about this but there is no weekend support.

    However, today with its reset daily tile count (currently 4311), I'm still getting "Sorry daily usage limit reached" tiles displayed for areas that I attempted to view yesterday. I'm guessing these are cached somewhere. Is there a way to force these out of the cache so that I can get the normal map tiles back please? (I'm getting map tiles for newly-visited areas okay).

    Thanks, Keith

    2 responses

      • 7 April 2018 02:15PM
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      • Registered: 17 December 2017 04:27PM
      • Last active: 7 April 2018 09:22AM

      Clearing the browser's cache solves this problem but each user has to do this for themselves which isn't a great user experience and I've had to add a message to the App saying

      "If OS tiles used is showing below 100000 then clear cached data e.g. on Chrome: Settings->Advanced->Clear Browser Data->Tick Cached Images and Files"

      This really shouldn't be necessary. The API shouldn't have the problem and/or there should be a javascript way for me to be able to do this without user intervention.


      • Mike
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        • 3 August 2018 05:59PM
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        • Last active: 3 August 2018 05:38PM

        Most map systems use browser caching, it's faster, your users use less data and you use less tile allowance. But sometimes caching causes problems and the usual solution is to add a dummy timestamp parameter to the tile urls. Since OpenSpace runs on top of OpenLayers 2 and uses a WMS layer all you would need is something like

        osMap = new OpenSpace.Map('map');
        osMap.layers[0].params.TIME = new Date().getTime();

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