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AddressBase Products

Does addressbase premium data capture information that when the property was built?

    • 30 July 2019 02:37pm
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    • Registered: 30 July 2019 02:34pm
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    If yes, in which column it is?
    Thank you

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      • 31 July 2019 10:14am
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      • Registered: 1 September 2016 10:20am
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      Hi Dinesh

      The simple answer is that AddressBase Premium doesn't contain the build date of the property.

      There is a START_DATE attribute on the BLPU record, but that is the date the BLPU was added to ABP. There is also an ENTRY_DATE on the BLPU record which is the date the BLPU was added to the local authority database.

      These would possibly give you a rough idea of build dates for newer properties, but not for older ones. You could possibly link to the land registry records to work out approximate build dates, but I'm not sure what the land registry hold on this. In the past we have also used historic maps to infer property age bands.



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