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Help more people get outside, more often

Our leisure business saw fantastic growth last year. OS Maps subscribers grew by33% to over 415,000 and we continued the roll-out of the app in Australia and prepared a New Zealand launch.

Commercial data

Grow the value of commercial data with our partners

OS Partners license OS data and build location-based products and solutions. This diverse eco-system of businesses helps put valuable location data into every part of the British economy.

Stars on the OS Maps app in the Apple app store
4.7 out of 5
126% increase to
Partner customers
Revenue from the OS Partner channel grew by
in the year

Over the past year

We’ve expanded our outdoor product offer including a new OS branded range and new options for custom made maps.

OS Maps users can now track and record their activities in the new ‘My Activities’ dashboard and create routes more easily from their favourite activities.

Use of premium APIs via the OS Data Hub continues to grow with OS Maps API making up most transactions.

Find out more about our strategy, how we're delivering it and our financial statements for 2021-22.