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National Mapping Services

Delivering maximum value for UK government

The Public Sector Geospatial Agreement (PSGA) is the foundation of our national mapping services, for Great Britain. It provides access to OS location data and expertise for the public sector and the wider economy.

The OS Data Hub is where customers access our data, and now has 12,000 organisations and OpenData users signed up. This includes a 96% increase in public sector users, 57% increase in Partner organisations and 114% increase in Open Plan users over the last year.

Premium Data transactions
OS OpenData transactions
New customers
Increase in public sector organisations using the OS data

Improving our services for PSGA members

Becoming customer centric

We’re investing in new ways for customers to interact with us. The customer experience is being enhanced with a new website and improvements to the way data is accessed via the OS Data Hub. We’ve enhanced our customer service centre with new live chat and virtual assistant capabilities.

Accelerating digital and data transformation

We’ve delivered significant technology investments in the last year. The most significant includes the largest upgrade to the geospatial production platform in a decade. The new platform, along with the forthcoming launch of OS Select and Build, will help deliver richer and up to date location data, including new ways to access OS data.

Data leadership

OS is recognised as experts in location data standards. Agreeing a common approach improves data integrity, quality and consistency leading to improved quality for customers.

Find out more about our strategy, how we're delivering it and our financial statements for 2021-22.