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Become the partner of choice for international governments seeking GeoProduction and land managed services

OS plays a key role in leading international best practice through our participation in the United Nation’s committee of experts on Global Geospatial Information Management.

Geospatial Services

Establish new value-added geospatial services and maximise data revenues from direct accounts

OS Connect provides location solutions to utility and telecoms customers. It combines our world-class location data, services and expertise, with best of breed alliance data and technology to help customers achieve their business priorities.

How we're helping our customers

Managed Land Solutions

This year we launched a new offer to international customers. Managed Land Solutions (MLS) gives countries a data platform to efficiently manage land and property, which is a key building block underpinning economic, environmental and social development.

Faster mapping using machine learning

OS developed a new way to produce maps quickly using machine learning techniques. The Lusaka, Zambia base map project involved training machines to label data and trace features such as buildings, roads and water.

The National Underground Asset Register

OS were proud to join a consortium of experts to build an underground map of UK’s pipes and cables. The National Underground Asset Register (NUAR)funded by the Geospatial Commission, will improve efficiencies in construction and maintenance, reduce disruption to our roads and improve workers’ safety.

Monitoring and mapping urban heat

We collaborated on a project for the UK Space Agency showing how satellite imagery combined with location data can provide insights to manage extreme heat events.

Find out more about our strategy, how we're delivering it and our financial statements for 2021-22.