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How to access data for the Digital Innovation Contest

Using OS OpenData

Since April 2010, we have made a range of location data available for free to foster innovation and encourage government transparency. Anyone can download data to help them build applications underpinned by geography for any purpose. Postcode and administrative boundary datasets are among those freely available and have already been used in a variety of interesting and innovative uses. This is backed up by access to a free API OS OpenSpace.

Access it here: Open Data

With samples of all of our premium products

Alternatively, samples of ALL our premium products can be downloaded from our sample data page. From this page, links are available to all the product pages and the technical documentation for each product. (Note: Geospatial information – when dealing with the data files – requires a certain amount of ‘getting used to’ in terms of the data structures, and file formats. The technical files will help!)

Sample all of our our Data.

By filling in our Developer Licence

Most of our data is 2D in its nature – this challenge is about understanding how people will interact with data that incorporates the third dimension. To that end we have supplied for central Newcastle the following layers

Premium Products:

Alpha Product:

Prototype Product:

  • Complex Building Geometry (buildings) (provided as is)

To access this data, you simply need to fill in the Developer Licence form.

How to fill in the Developer Licence form.

The Developer Licence is a simple electronic form that provides access to sample digital mapping to enable you to develop, test and demonstrate our data to your potential customers.

Use the following options on the form to access the information needed for this competition:

a. Q11. data layers: OS MM Topography Layer (with Building Height Attribute); OS Terrain 5

b. Q12(d) (ignore a – c!) area of interest: SW – 424180, 564234. NE – 425114, 564921 (this is central Newcastle)

c. Q5: use ‘other’ and add note “IC Tomorrow Data Challenge Competition”

Once you have completed the form, please send it back to: customerservices@ordnancesurvey.co.uk

Useful product information

OS OpenData offers a wide range of digital map products which you can freely view or download, for use in both personal and commercial applications.

OS MasterMap® is Ordnance Survey's most comprehensive product, containing a suite of different layers, each of which provides a different aspect of valuable mapping data for use in a Geographic Information system (GIS).

Find out about Ordnance Survey height and imagery data, to help identify detailed areas of interest on the ground and an aerial view of the terrain.

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