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  • Don't get lost in the Basement

    Introducing our iOS app specially created for Digital Shorditch 2015.

Don’t get lost in the basement

Preserved for 100 years, the subterranean basement of Shoreditch Town hall is the venue for one of the many exhibitions being hosted at Digital Shoreditch 2015.

Known as ‘The Ditch’, the basement is made up of a series of maze-like rooms connected by winding corridors and passageways. To stop visitors getting lost we’ve developed the Digital Shoreditch Basement App, a UX tool that lets you navigate around the rooms, learning about the exhibition as you go.

When you download our iOS app, you’ll be able to experience the basement in all its quirky glory:

  • search for exhibits;
  • find out more information about exhibits;
  • find your current room location using an interactive map;
  • see a route to a room from your current location;
  • see which rooms you've visited, and for how long;
  • flag your ‘favourite’ exhibits; and
  • orientate the map to the way your phone is pointing.

The App offers a truly interactive experience, letting you immerse yourself in the experience.

Make the most of your visit to ‘The Ditch’ – download the App for free now.

Download from the Apple App store

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