Land & Property Management

For accurate and trusted land and property management services, our featured Partners use Ordnance Survey data to bring you specialist land and property services.


  • Site finding
  • Query API supporting custom client input parameters
  • PDF/CAD Ordnance Survey site plans
  • Environmental screens/reports and underground utilities data
  • OGC web services platform

emapsite website >


  • Contaminated land risk assessment
  • Historic uses of sites

Groundsure website >


  • Land & Property portfolio management
  • Query management information
  • Title areas & development sites
  • Grounds maintenance mapping
  • Tree Risk Survey Management

Stanfords website >


  • Large area mapping
  • Farm site management
  • Estates planning
  • Retail park, factory and school building management

Streetwise website >


  • Land referencing
  • Development planning
  • Asset spatial context visualisation

Terraquest website >

UK Map Centre

  • Aerial Photography
  • Large scale maps
  • Wall maps

UK Map Centre website >