Part B – OS Maps terms

About OS Maps

OS Maps is the digital mapping application offered by Ordnance Survey Leisure Limited through both web and mobile platforms (together and separately referred to as OS Maps and/or the Application). This Part B sets out the additional terms and conditions which apply to your use of OS Maps. In the event of any conflict between this Part B and the other terms and conditions, this Part B will take precedence.

OS Maps provides both online and offline access to OS maps, custom walking, cycling and running routes (including content provided by our commercial partners), points of interest and other material (OS Maps Content). It also provides the functionality for you to create and share information, data, photographs, other content, thoughts and creative expression (User Generated Content).

User Generated Content includes, without limitation, User Generated Routes and User Generated Activity Data. User Generated Routes are walking, running, cycling or other route plotted by a user or generated automatically from User Generated Activity Data. User Generated Activity Data is the analytical data arising from a user’s activities (for example, a GPS recording where a user has been and their speed).

1. OS Maps web

1.1 User classifications

OS Maps offers 4 different levels of user access:

  • Guest Users;
  • Registered Users;
  • Subscribers (who have taken out a subscription and paid the applicable subscription fee);
  • Group Subscription.

1.2 Permitted use of OS Maps content

  • Guest Users can visit OS Maps, have a look around, and view, print and otherwise use certain OS Maps Content and functionality free of charge and without registering.
  • Registered Users can access and use additional OS Maps Content and functionality, such as the ability to save your own User Generated Routes.
  • Subscribers will have access to all the OS Maps Content and functionality, which includes:
    • Accessing the following mapping data (Licensed Data): 1:25 000 Scale Colour Raster (Explorer) and 1:50 000 Scale Colour Raster (Landranger);
    • Ability to fully customise your own routes and route preferences;
    • Right to print full page A3 as well as A4 mapping;
    • Access and right to print routes authored by our commercial partners;
    • Use the import and export functionality for importing routes.

Full details of the OS Maps Content, functionality and rights available to each user classification can be found on our OS Maps FAQs page.

Users may:

  • access and use OS Maps and the OS Maps Content solely for their own personal, non-commercial use;
  • not make multiple copies, digital copies or scans of OS Maps Content for use by others except as permitted by a Group Subscription;
  • not upload any OS Maps Content to the internet for access or use by anyone else (except by using any built-in email or upload functions of OS Maps or via an OS Maps link to its original location);
  • not email OS Maps Content to anyone else, except via an OS Maps link to its original location or by using any functions provided on OS Maps;
  • not otherwise modify, publish, sell, hire, lend, copy or disseminate any OS Maps Content;
  • not bypass the built-in print function to increase the printable area of OS Maps Content;
  • not alter or remove any trade marks or the copyright or personal use notices appearing on print-outs;

1.3 Subscriptions

  • Before taking out a subscription to OS Maps, you are responsible for ensuring that your device meets the minimum operating requirements. Please refer to our Help FAQs for details.
  • We reserve the right to suspend or terminate your OS Maps subscription at any time if in our reasonable opinion the level of any map printing exceeds reasonable and fair usage. For guidance, we would consider that the sustained printing of more than 30 prints per week, as an individual Subscriber, would exceed reasonable and fair usage.
  • If you have a technical problem with your OS Maps Web subscription, or cannot access any of the features, please contact customer services using our contact form or the details above and we will be happy to assist. Note where you are using OS Maps Mobile, please contact the relevant app store.

1.4 Group subscriptions

  • Group Subscriptions are available to organisations operating on a not-for-profit or charitable basis (for example, hiking clubs or youth groups). Commercial use is not permitted.
  • We may reject any application for a Group Subscription by an organisation which, in our opinion, does not meet the above criteria.
  • Each Group Subscription removes the ‘personal use’ restrictions that would otherwise apply.
  • Group Subscriptions allow a single-user from the organisation to use OS Maps in connection with the organisation’s activities.

1.5 Prices and payments

  • OS Maps subscriptions will be processed via the Shop and your purchase of an OS Maps subscription is subject to our additional Shop Terms of Sale and Supply in Part C.
  • Your OS Maps subscription will start immediately on payment, and unless you cancel the subscription within 14 calendar days of the start date as set out in the Shop Terms of Sale and Supply, you have no further right to cancel your subscription before the end of your chosen subscription period which shall be either 1, 3 or 12 months.
  • If you have ticked the option to pay for your subscriptions on a recurring basis, you agree that the details of your credit or debit card will be retained by Ordnance Survey Leisure Limited, and any third party acting on its behalf, for the sole purpose of processing your annual subscription payments. No less than 21 calendar days prior to the expiry date of your subscription, Ordnance Survey Leisure Limited will send an email to the email address supplied by you to advise you that your payment for the next subscription period will be taken from your credit or debit card and confirming the subscription fee. You may cancel your next subscription at any time up until 2 working days prior to the expiry of your existing subscription by email to or by post to Ordnance Survey Leisure Limited. In the event that we do not receive notification from you to cancel your subscription, Ordnance Survey Leisure Limited shall process your next subscription payment from your credit or debit card.

1.6 User Generated Content

  • We do not vet and are not responsible for any User Generated Content.
  • You use and view all User Generated Content at your own risk and we do not warrant accuracy or reliability.
  • If you create/contribute User Generated Content, you must do so in accordance with the General Terms of Use.
  • We may remove or edit any User Generated Content at our entire discretion.
  • Please be aware that your User Generated Routes will be publically accessible by all OS Maps users, unless you specifically mark them as private.
  • We do not claim any ownership of any intellectual property rights which arise in your User Generated Content. However:
    • You grant us a royalty-free, non exclusive perpetual licence to store, reproduce, use, and make your User Generated Content available to other OS Maps users (or users of our other services) for their personal, non-commercial use as specified in this EULA (with the exception of any User Generated Content which you mark as private which shall only be made available to you for the duration of your subscription to OS Maps).
    • You grant us a royalty-free, non-exclusive, perpetual licence to use your User Generated Content in connection with our promotional and marketing activities, and you waive any moral rights arising in this respect.
    • You grant us a royalty-free, non-exclusive, perpetual licence to store, reproduce, analyse and otherwise use your User Generated Activity Data for our internal business use (and make it available to others) for the purposes of learning more about user activities and improving our products/services to the public.
  • Except in respect of any User Generated Content which may already have been saved or printed by other users or used by us, you may revoke the licence granted above at any time by removing your User Generated Content, or, if removal is not possible via the relevant web page or Application, by contacting us.
  • The restrictions on the use of OS Maps Content set out in these OS Maps Terms do not apply to you in respect of your own User Generated Content.
  • In the event that a third party notifies us that your User Generated Content infringes their intellectual property rights, we shall apply our Takedown procedure and we shall be entitled to disclose your identity and any other necessary information to such third party.

1.7 Takedown procedure

OS may cease making the User Generated Content available to users, either in whole or in part (Takedown) where it becomes aware that the User Generated Content:

  • infringes the intellectual property rights or any other rights of any third party;
  • breaches any applicable law, regulation, code of practice or is subject to an injunction or other action by a third party; or
  • the display of the User Generated Content is impacting the integrity or technical performance of the OS Maps; or
  • are generating complaints from other users or any third parties (together, Takedown Criteria)
  • should not be made available for other reasons.

Where we conduct a Takedown, we will email the user who created the User Generated Content to inform them that we have received a complaint regarding it, and:

  • ask the user to verify the IPR in the User Generated Content in question; and
  • ask the user to contact us within 21 calendar days regarding the complaint. If we do not receive a response within 21 calendar days of our email, we will remove the User Generated Content from the application.

Please include the following information when notifying OS of infringing material within User Generated Content:

  • details to enable us to identify the User Generated Content that is claimed to be infringed or, if multiple works are claimed to be infringed, a representative list of such works (for example: title, user name, route location details) (Infringing Content);
  • your contact information (for example, your address, telephone number, email address); and
  • confirmation that you have authority to act on behalf of, or are the owner of, the intellectual property rights in the User Generated Content.

1.8 Accuracy of mapping and walking routes

  • We will take reasonable steps to ensure that any mapping, walking and other routes authored by us and/or our commercial partners are as accurate and up-to-date as possible, but we do not guarantee absolute accuracy or currency.
  • We do not check the accuracy, feasibility or safety of any User Generated Content uploaded and available from other users of OS Maps.
  • For safe outdoor navigation, we recommend that you allow a reasonable margin for error, refer to local signage and take particular care in poor visibility.
  • The average times shown for walking, running or cycling routes are rough estimates based on Naismith’s Rule. This rule assumes you are reasonably fit and travelling on typical terrain in normal conditions. You should estimate your own route time making allowances for your own circumstances.

1.9 Disclaimer and limitation of liability

  • If as a result of us not using reasonable care and skill your device or other digital content is damaged, OS will repair any damage within a reasonable time and bear any necessary costs, otherwise all of our liability for losses you may suffer as a result of us breaking this agreement is limited to the price you have paid for the OS Maps Content, to the fullest extent permitted by law.
  • We are not responsible for any losses which could not be reasonably expected to occur as a result of a breach including, without limitation any commercial losses.
  • We cannot guarantee the ongoing supply of any content sourced from third parties, including certain points of interest and leisure route information, and we may alter the third party content we provide via OS Maps at any time.

1.10 Termination / suspension

  • OS shall monitor your use of OS Maps.
  • OS reserves the right to immediately suspend or terminate your use of OS Maps for any breach of this EULA.

1.11 Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999

A person who is not a party to this EULA has no right under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 to enforce or enjoy the benefit of any term of this EULA, except that both OS, Mapbox Inc., a Delaware corporation whose address is at 1714 14th Street, NW, Rear Entrance, Washington, DC 20009 (Mapbox) and Apple Inc., a California corporation with its principal place of business at One Infinite Loop, Cupertino, California, 95014, USA (Apple) shall be entitled to enforce this EULA under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999.

1.12 General

  • You shall comply with all applicable foreign and local laws and regulations which apply to your use of OS Maps in whatever country you are physically located, including without limitation, consumer law and export control laws and regulations and you will not make unacceptable use of OS Maps.
  • Your use of the Application indicates your acceptance of this EULA; please do not use the Application if you do not accept this EULA. We may revise this EULA at any time by updating this page and it is your responsibility to review this EULA from time to time to understand the extent of changes. Your continued use of the Application constitutes your agreement to the then-current amended and updated EULA.
  • We will not be responsible for any breach of this EULA caused by circumstances beyond our reasonable control.
  • You may not assign, sub-license, share or otherwise transfer any of your rights under this EULA.
  • If any provision of this EULA is found to be invalid by any court having competent jurisdiction, the invalidity of that provision will not affect the validity of the remaining provisions of this EULA, which shall remain in full force and effect.
  • The waiver on a particular occasion by either party of rights under this EULA does not imply that other rights will be waived.
  • No delay in exercising any right under this EULA shall constitute a waiver of such right.
  • You may print and keep a copy of this EULA, which form the entire agreement between you and us and supersede any other communications or advertising with respect to OS Maps.
  • This EULA will be governed by English law and both parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

1.13 Contacting us

If you have any questions about OS Maps, please contact us as follows:

  • Email:
  • Telephone: 03454 560420 (Monday to Friday: 8.30 am to 5.30 pm - call charges apply)
  • Write to: Ordnance Survey Leisure Limited, Customer Service Centre, Explorer House, Adanac Drive, SOUTHAMPTON, SO16 0AS

2. OS Maps (Mobile - additional terms)

These additional terms specifically relate to the OS Maps mobile mapping application and should be read in conjunction with Part B Section 1.

If you are an existing user of OS MapFinder, the End User Licence Terms contained within the OS MapFinder Mobile Application apply to your use until we migrate your Subscription to the Application or we cease your access to OS MapFinder.

2.1 Definitions

In this Part B Section 2:
Coordinates means coordinates of the destination of any route (whether on a map and/or through a description in words) such route created by the Application in response to a request by you.
Device means a personal computer, mobile telephone handset or other electronic device designed for use by a single user at any one time.
iOS means the iOS operating system software developed and provided by Apple.
iOS Product means an Apple branded Device that runs the iOS.
OS means Ordnance Survey Limited, a company registered in England and Wales (company registration number 09121572) whose registered address is at Explorer House, Adanac Drive, SOUTHAMPTON, SO16 0AS.
Specification means the current specification of any Licensed Data at the date upon which you indicate your acceptance of this EULA in accordance with its terms, as published by us on our Website and as may be updated from time to time in accordance with the General Terms of Use.
SmartMap means an OS Explorer outdoor leisure map which contains a QR code which can be used to download a free digital map for use within the Application. You can redeem your QR code at
Updates means updates, revisions and modifications to Licensed Data that we may provide (or provide access to) from time to time.
Website means the website or such other website as we determine from time to time.

2.2 Grant of licence
We hereby grant you a perpetual, non-exclusive, non-transferable licence (without rights to sub-license any third party) to use the Application for YOUR PERSONAL NON-COMMERCIAL USE. For the avoidance of doubt, you are not permitted to redistribute Licensed Data or the User Generated Content.

2.3 Conditions of use

  • Where the Application enables you to do so, you may create and download for your own personal non-commercial use User Generated Routes. Therefore, we hereby grant you a, non-exclusive licence to use User Generated Routes for your non-commercial personal use PROVIDED THAT, for the avoidance of doubt, we shall have no obligation to ensure that the Application is configured to enable you to create and/or download User Generated Routes in accordance with this paragraph 2.3.
  • Where the Application enables you to do so, you may download Coordinates for your own personal non-commercial use. Therefore, we hereby grant you a perpetual, non-exclusive licence to use such Coordinates for your personal non-commercial use PROVIDED THAT, for the avoidance of doubt, we shall have no obligation to ensure that the Application is configured to enable you to download Coordinates in accordance with this paragraph 2.3.
  • All equipment, Internet connections, Devices and wireless internet service plans that are necessary for you to access and use the Application shall be provided by you at your own risk and expense.
  • We do not guarantee that:
    • the Application is accessible on all Devices or via all wireless internet service plans; or
    • the Application is available, or capable of being used, in all geographic locations.
  • You acknowledge that:
    • as a result of the access and use of the Application by your Device, your wireless internet service provider may charge you additional fees for data usage, messaging and/or other wireless internet features;
    • it is your responsibility to confirm with your wireless internet service provider whether, and to what extent, any such fees apply to you; and
    • you are solely responsible for any such fees incurred in connection with the access and use of the Application by your Device.
  • Where applicable, you shall comply with the third party additional terms set out below.
  • Where you have purchased a SmartMap and revealed the QR code, we will be unable to accept return of the SmartMap nor will we be able to offer a refund. This does not affect your statutory rights.

2.4 Licence fees and charges

You agree to pay all fees and charges that we have notified you of and which you have agreed to pay by clicking to accept via your Device. For the avoidance of doubt, you agree that additional licence fees and charges shall be payable by you each time you request, and we provide you with, an Update to any area of Licensed Data which has been previously ordered by you and is utilised by the Application.

2.5 Data protection and privacy

We are committed to protecting and respecting the privacy of users of the Application and the confidentiality of the information provided to us by such users using the Application. Please see our OS privacy policy, which sets out the basis on which we will process any personal data that we collect from you, or that you provide to us, in connection with the Application.

3. Third party additional terms

3.1 Google

The Application incorporates visitor identification technology:

  • that collects, uses, shares and stores data about you;
  • which has been created using the services of Google Inc., a Delaware corporation whose principal place of business is at 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, United States (Google); and
  • in respect of which the Google privacy policy applies, the terms of which can be found at the following link:

By using the Application you agree that we may share your personal information with Google and that such information will be retained and used by Google in accordance with, and for the purposes referred to in, Google's privacy policy:

3.2 Apple End User Terms

These Additional Apple End User Terms apply where you have downloaded the Application for use on one or more iOS Product(s). The licence granted to you only permits you to use the Application on an iOS Product that you own or control and as permitted by the Usage Rules as defined in and set out in the App Store Terms of Service, which is available at the following link:

Maintenance and support
You and we acknowledge that Apple has no obligation whatsoever to furnish any maintenance and support services with respect to the Application.

Product claims
Apple is not responsible for addressing any claims by you or any third party relating to the Application or your possession and/or use of the Application, including, but not limited to:

  • product liability claims;
  • any claim that the Application fails to conform to any applicable legal or regulatory requirement; and
  • claims arising under consumer protection or similar legislation.

Legal compliance
You represent and warrant that:

  • you are not located in a country that is subject to a U.S. Government embargo, or that has been designated by the U.S. Government as a ‘terrorist supporting’ country; and
  • you are not listed on any U.S. Government list of prohibited or restricted parties.

Third party beneficiary
Notwithstanding paragraph 1.11, you and we acknowledge and agree that:

  • Apple and its subsidiaries, are third party beneficiaries of this EULA; and
  • upon the your acceptance of this EULA, Apple will have the right (and will be deemed to have accepted the right) to enforce this EULA against you as a third party beneficiary thereof.

3.3 Mapbox End User Terms

Where you have downloaded the application:

  • your device shall populate its cache using direct requests to Mapbox and content from a cache may only be consumed by a single end-user;
  • you may not distribute maps served from Mapbox to third parties;
  • you may not scrape or undertake any mass download for any purposes other than offline caching on your single end-user device;
  • you may not use the Mapbox services for any purpose that is in breach of this EULA or that would amount to unacceptable use of the application if done by you; and
  • you may not use the application in any manner which could damage, disable, overburden or impair the application or interfere with any other user’s use and enjoyment of the application;
  • you may not export any coordinate information or address information derived from the results of a request to the application;
  • you must comply with any other restrictions identified by Mapbox in its Terms of Service, which can be found at the following url:

You agree not to engage in unacceptable use of the application, which includes, without limitation, use of the application to:

  • disseminate or transmit material that, to a reasonable person, may be abusive, obscene, pornographic, defamatory, harassing, grossly offensive, vulgar, threatening, or malicious;
  • aid or implement practices violating basic human rights or civil liberties;
  • disseminate, store, or transmit files, graphics, software, or other material that actually or potentially infringes the copyright, trademark, patent, trade secret, or other intellectual property right of any person;
  • create a false identity or to otherwise attempt to mislead any person as to the identity or origin of any communication;
  • export, re-export, or permit downloading of any content in violation of any export or import law, regulation, or restriction of the United States and its agencies or authorities, or without all required approvals, licenses, or exemptions;
  • interfere, disrupt, or attempt to gain unauthorised access to other accounts or any other computer network;
  • disseminate, store, or transmit viruses, trojan horses, or any other malicious code or program; or
  • engage in any other activity deemed by Mapbox to be in conflict with the spirit or intent of this EULA.

You agree to indemnify and hold harmless Mapbox and its subsidiaries, affiliates, officers, agents, partners, and employees from any claim or demand, including reasonable solicitors’ fees, made by any third party due to or arising out of the application or your use of the application.

Microsoft End User Terms (Note for OS Map Web only) 

By accessing the OS Map web Application you agree to comply with the Microsoft terms of use which are subject to change from time to time and can be found at the following url:

Open Source Licence Acknowledgements

Third Party Libraries and Open Source content are used within the Application. Full licence details can be found on our open source software and licences page.