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Emmerdale celebrates 40 years-and three beautiful locations!

17 Oct 2012
Ordnance Survey
Behind the scenes

With the excitement building about tonight’s live episode to celebrate the soap’s 40years, Emmerdale has been in the news again.

Although it’s a fictional village based in the Yorkshire Dales, Emmerdale has been produced at ITV’s Yorkshire Studios, based in various locations. Our map extracts show you where.

To begin with, location shooting for Emmerdale Farm (as it was known back then) was filmed in the village of Arncliffe in Littondale – one of the less popular valleys in the Yorkshire Dales. However, it was later moved when tourists and other visitors inundated the village and disrupted filming. However, you’ll notice the pub symbol and recognise the pub which famously became known as The Woolpack Inn and home to many unfolding dramas!

This prompted a move to the village of Esholt where it stayed for the next 22 years, also becoming a tourist attraction! The local pub changed its name to The Woolpack Inn and has retained the name to this day!

Since 1998, and since viewing figures really began to rocket, the drama has been filmed from a purpose built set on the Harewood Estate in Leeds. The set is a replica of Esholt and although the buildings are defined as temporary structures pending planning permission to make them permanent,  they still appear on our mapping as you can see below. You can easily see the similarities of the village layout, even if you can’t actually identify individual buildings on this one!

Although other locations around Leeds and West Yorskhire are used, the main bulk of filming is carried out in the Harewood Estate and as long as nothing too dramatic happens tonight in the live show (no major plane crashes or storms please!), they will hopefully continue to film there into the future!

Ordnance Survey
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