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Meet the team: Chris Jennings

16 Jul 2020
Ordnance Survey
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As part of our series to introduce you to OS people and share the diversity of our employees, meet Chris Jennings. As an Associate Engineering Architect, he gives us a glimpse into his role here at OS and the LGBT+ employee network he leads…

Chris Jennings
Chris Jennings

How long have you worked for OS?

I joined the Geospatial Solution Architecture team at OS in September 2019 and, not long after joining, I founded and now chair the LGBT+ employee network at OS.

My previous work experience was in the telecoms sector, but having studied Geology at University, I was always drawn to a career in the geospatial industry.

What are you working on right now?

There’s a huge amount of exciting new things for OS in the Public Sector Geospatial Agreement (PSGA). In order for all the development to happen successfully, there’s a lot of investigation, planning and thinking as well as collaboration with our engineering and data science experts. It’s an opportunity to apply some cutting-edge data science and look at some novel ways to exploit the cloud to enable OS data to bring even more insight.

The LGBT+ network at OS has also helped the business celebrate pride month in June! Whilst that’s hard to do well when everyone is working remotely due to Covid-19, we’ve been able to mark the event both internally and via our social media.

What is your OS highlight?

By far, the biggest highlight has been how positively our LGBT+ employee network has been received. Everyone we’ve spoken to has been so keen to listen and support. We’ve already seen a brand new D and I policy launched on Sharepoint which, supported by our CEO, identifies our commitment to inclusion and support for our trans and non-binary colleagues. This includes support when transitioning and specific recognition and respect for a person’s pronoun choices. We even would have been flying the pride flag outside the office during June – if we weren’t working from home! It points to a really great culture and I am looking forward to being able to help work with everyone to make an even better workplace.

Where can people learn more about what OS is doing for LGBT+ employees?

Supported by our CEO Steve Blair, we shared our inclusive recruitment campaign in a LinkedIn post at the start of pride month.

Can you describe your working day?

I often struggle to explain the role of an architect to people, but mostly I spend time acting as the bridge between the ‘business’ people and the ‘technical’ people. By working with a lot of experts, I work out the best way to help deliver the software and solutions we need and make sure the engineers can get it done in the most efficient way possible.

What is your favourite part of your job?

There’s a huge amount that I learn day to day on the job. That’s partly due to how interesting geospatial data and technologies are to me, but also because OS, unlike many organisations, is actually heavily using and making the most of cloud technologies. It really gives working here an edge over other places.

Find out more about career opportunities at OS on our website.

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