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Meet the team: Marianne Pope

7 May 2019
Ordnance Survey
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Continuing our series to introduce you to the wonderful individuals within OS and give you a snapshot of the variety of work we do, meet Marianne Pope. As a Product Manager, here she offers insight into her role from data to the Geospatial Commission…

Marianne Pope
Marianne Pope

How long have you worked for OS?

I joined OS in November 2018 as a product manager within OSGB. Before that I worked as a product manager in the education sector.

What does your role involve?

As a product manager, my main job is to set the vision for a product. The vision sets out the ‘why’ behind what we do and makes sure everyone is working towards the same goal. From the vision I draw up the roadmap and strategy for the product’s development while ensuring I balance the needs of our users with the needs of the business. I also spend a lot of time analysing data and carrying out user research to constantly measure product progress – this makes sure we stay on track towards our goals.

What are you working on right now?

I am currently focused on the Geospatial Commission’s Data Discoverability project as well as an errors and omissions tool and reporting process we’re building as part of the Open MasterMap project. These may not sound like products in the traditional sense, but product managers manage all sorts of things from traditional products to websites, processes, services and more.

What is your favourite part of your job?

Being able to go out and speak to our users is really rewarding. I love speaking to so many different people and trying to really understand their needs. The best part is being able to use this insight to create products that genuinely make people’s lives easier.  

What is your OS highlight?

Geo6 workshop on Data Discoverability.
Geo6 workshop on Data Discoverability.

When I joined OS, I jumped head first into user research on the Geospatial Commission’s Data Discoverability project. I carried out interviews with 10 organisations to understand their needs, and consequently presented the findings back to the Geospatial Commission and the other geospatial organisations involved in the project (British Geological Survey, Coal Authority, HM Land Registry, UK Hydrographic Office and Valuation Office Agency).

User research is one of the most important parts of my role and without it, we can’t know for sure that we are making the right decisions about how to optimise user experience. The research confirmed some of our assumptions about what users need, but it also offered us a variety of views and information that we hadn’t necessarily considered. It was brilliant to feel like I was really contributing to the project so early on in my time at OS.

What are you excited to work on (or continue working on) in the future?

I’m most looking forward to continuing to engage with OS’s users and working together with colleagues to build products and solutions that solve their problems. 

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