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How to reduce administrative expenses with AddressBase

2 Sep 2020
Ordnance Survey
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Administrative expenses are a drain on revenue, but with ever-evolving technology simplifying what were once time consuming, difficult processes, the time, effort and money spent on administration is reducing.

At Ordnance Survey, our AddressBase address data is being utilised by our partners to create software and solutions that improve business processes for businesses across the world. As the most comprehensive addressing product on the market, AddressBase is used to meet a number of business objectives, including reducing administrative expenses. Here are a number of ways in which AddressBase does just that.

A product with multiple uses

ABCore image
ABCore image
AddressBase is a hybrid data set which can be applied to a wide variety of settings to help reduce administrative spend. By applying a Unique Property Reference Number (UPRN) to every property in the UK, it makes data analysis much easier, and this data has the flexibility required to meet any objective, whether than be tax collection by HM Revenue or producing flood plans for the Environment Agency. This means that, depending on the nature of your business, AddressBase can be used at multiple touchpoints to make savings across the business as a whole.

Time efficiency

Time is money, and AddressBase enables users of our partners software to quickly and efficiently identify addresses and all of the related information attached to them without having to manually search or pull together multiple datasets. So, if your employee is on the phone with a customer discussing a specific property, all of the information they need is at their fingertips to ensure a smooth and effortless process.

Reduce failed deliveries and returns

For those within the ecommerce sector, one of the biggest administrative costs can be failed or returned deliveries. This is often caused by data inaccuracies which could have easily been avoided if the right dataset was used. The accuracy of AddressBase data is second to none, which therefore reduces incidents of failed or returned deliveries, saving businesses thousands of pounds.

If you want to find out more about how AddressBase can be used to make administrative savings within your organisation, find out more or contact us today.

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