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Removing the data management burden with the OS Features API

13 Jul 2021
Ordnance Survey
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The OS Features API is a genuine time saver. It allows you to connect directly to the data you need, as and when you need it, removing the overheads of managing and storing data locally. It gives you access to the rich geometries and attribution of OS data for visualisation or analysis, helping you/your users generate new location-insight.

OS MasterMap Water Network Layer.

Buildings, roads, rivers, hospitals, playing fields, contours and much more. There are lots of data layers available in the OS Features API. From detailed building footprints to generalised road networks, filter and select the right data for your analysis. The OS Features API is based on an Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) standard, which means it's ready to use in lots of web and desktop software including QGIS, Cadcorp, ESRI, OpenLayers and Leaflet.

Geovation start-up Balkerne uses OS Features API to conduct location intelligence risk analytics for customers, who then provide an advanced understanding what areas of their property may get flooded.

“Prior to the OS Data Hub, developers spent hours hosting OS Topographic layer data at a very high cost to obtain simple features on the map. Developers can exploit the wealth of OS datasets through easy, cost-effective APIs that are built to scale with their businesses.” – Harish Pesala, co-founder of Balkerne.

We have online resources to help you get started quickly with our APIs. You can copy and paste these code examples to create building blocks and then follow our tutorials to create fully functioned applications. From finding nearest greenspaces to calculating how much of an area is built on, OS Features API can accelerate your time-to-value by connecting detailed geospatial data directly into your workflows.

If you’re looking to use OS Features API in a desktop GIS, we have Getting Started Guides available too. Data scientists may prefer to connect via our handy Python Wrapper.

Ready to discover the OS Data Hub? Get started now.

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Ordnance Survey
By Ordnance Survey
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