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David Thames
Corporate GIS manager
29 Apr 2022

Historic England – staying up-to-date with history

Our new aerial photo explorer means you can now search an online map of England, to discover photographs taken from as long as 100 years ago.

Historic England1
Historic England's new aerial photo explorer allows you to find images of England from 100 years ago.

People interact with the maps every day.

The data automatically stays up-to-date, and it’s helpful to have someone to go to for advice.

Our modest-sized-team were spending huge chunks of time downloading and processing location data, whereas it’s a very smooth process using the OS data hub.

Historic England2
The aerial explorer was made possible thanks to the OS Data Hub.

The contrast with the OS Maps API backdrop makes our data ‘pop’ really nicely – the OS mapping has made the website much more engaging.

Ordnance Survey is vital to our service - it’s an organisation other public sector teams should look at.

Historic England3
Example of Cirencester using the aerial explorer.

Find out more about the Public Sector Geospatial Agreement (PSGA) and the OS Data Hub.

See history from the air with the Historic England aerial photo explorer.

By David Thames
Corporate GIS manager

David is Corporate GIS Manager for Historic England.