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Ordnance Survey extends corporate partnership with RGS

1 Apr 2021

Ordnance Survey (OS) and the Royal Geographical Society (RGS) are delighted to have signed an agreement which extends OS’s corporate support of RGS activities for a further three years.

The Society and OS have worked together for many years and share a substantial common interest in geography, especially advancing geospatial understanding and using geospatial interpretation and location insight for positive impact.

Geographical and geospatial skills, knowledge and understanding underpins good decision making and improves understanding of the world around us.

The launch of the 2020-2025 National Geospatial Strategy last year, whose aim is to unlock the significant economic, social and environmental opportunities offered by location data, shows that geospatial awareness and understanding has never been more crucial.

The renewed partnership between OS and the Society aims to further strengthen and deliver a range of activities for the benefit of geography professionals, students and teachers, to raise awareness of the importance of geospatial intelligence and technologies.

Each year a number of discussion and networking events for researchers, practitioners and decision makers will take place across the public, private and not-for-profit sectors.

Both organisations will encourage opportunities for geospatial professionals and geographers in government to network with other sectors around technical and policy issues and to explore solutions for some of the world’s most complex problems.

Another core element of the partnership will ensure geospatial approaches remain a core element of the school curriculum, exam specification and learning at higher education levels.

As part of this the partnership will support the teaching and learning of geospatial data, interpretation and technologies in the classroom and the field, and raise awareness of the breadth of career opportunities available in the geospatial industry.

Director of the Society, Professor Joe Smith, said: “The Society’s mission since 1830 has been to advance geographical knowledge.

“Our relationship with Ordnance Survey allows us to refresh and re-energise what this means in terms of the very latest geospatial understanding.

“It also allows both organisations to reinforce each other both practically and reputationally via close collaboration. We look forward to the opportunities this new agreement will bring in the future.”

OS’s Chief Geospatial Officer David Henderson said: “As we emerge from the global covid-19 pandemic, a better, more sustainable, relationship with our world is essential. Geographic and geospatial knowledge is vital to achieving this and continues to grow in importance.

“Our continued commitment to a long-term partnership with the RGS will strengthen us, both in terms of responding to emerging demands and in helping to identify how best to apply geographical insights and approaches to the issues we face.

“Geospatial data skills are in increasingly high demand, in all sectors, and increasing numbers of people need to use location data as part of their role. Our partnership will continue to reinforce the advancement of geography and geospatial skills in schools, further education, higher education, the workplace and across wider society.”

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