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Discover more with new Ordnance Survey GPS Devices

22 Mar 2018

The innovative GPS units are a first for OS, and have been designed for ease-of-use straight out of the box.

GPS devices

They boast the trusted accuracy that you would expect from Ordnance Survey, combined with advanced performance features. Covering the areas you choose, each device comes with up to 12 tiles of OS’s world-famous leisure mapping, giving access to up to 8,000 km2 of continually updated maps in either 1:50,000 or 1:25,000 scale.

Durable and water resistant, the devices come with features that track performance and have the added inbuilt safety tracking option "SeeMe". Unique to these devices, SeeMe allows you and your specified contacts to know exactly where you are without the need of connecting to a separate mobile phone. The devices can also be synchronised with other services and add-ons (including OS’s multi-award-winning OS Maps app) to plot and share routes, or monitor heart rate, energy and speed.

"At Ordnance Survey we are committed to encouraging more people to get outside more often by making the outdoors enjoyable, accessible and safe for all," said Nick Giles, Managing Director of Ordnance Survey Leisure.

"For a long time, our customers have asked for us to produce GPS devices, and now here they are. Traditionally GPS devices can be difficult to use, but using our experience with OS Maps we have designed these units with simplicity and ease-of-use in mind. Whether it’s our paper maps, digital mapping applications or these new GPS devices, OS is a trusted and reliable companion in the outdoors. It›s used in all off-road discovery and adventure, to keep people safe and on the right track."

All devices feature industry-leading battery life (up to 24 hours), glove-use ergonomics and advanced tracking. They are aimed primarily at walkers and mountain bike riders:

  • Velo: Easy to mount on any bike, Velo is streamlined, lightweight and tough enough to handle all weather conditions. With advanced navigation and performance tracking, this is a device that will help you push harder whenever you’re off-road cycling.
  • Horizon: The perfect cross-over for two feet or two wheels, Horizon is a compact, lightweight and rugged navigation device. With an interchangeable battery, expandable memory and performance tracking, you can extend your adventures in all weathers, across any terrain.
  • Trail: With a large touchscreen, Trail is an easy-to-hold, lightweight device with advanced navigation that can be used all year round. Packing a large battery in a slender body, it’s robust enough to handle any terrain, in any weather, for even the most extreme walking adventures.
  • Aventura: A rugged, powerful and feature-rich device for hardened explorers of the great outdoors, Aventura is our most advanced navigation unit that can be used in all weathers. With an interchangeable battery and expandable memory, this is a device that will keep going long after you get home.


Starting from £379.99, the devices are available at

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