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OS OpenData Licensing

Ordnance Survey makes a number of datasets available free of charge under the terms of an OS OpenData Licence. These datasets – which include raster and vector mapping, height, boundary and gazetteer products – may be downloaded here.

The OS OpenData licence allows you to: 

  • copy, distribute and transmit the data;
  • adapt the data; and
  • exploit the data commercially, whether by sub-licensing it, combining it with other data, or including it in your own product or application. 

You are therefore able to use the OS OpenData datasets in any way and for any purpose. We simply ask that you: 

  • Acknowledge the copyright and the source of the data by including the following attribution statement: ‘Contains Ordnance Survey data © Crown copyright and database right 2013’.
  • Include the same acknowledgement requirement in any sub-licences of the data that you grant, and a requirement that any further sub-licences do the same.
  • Ensure that you do not use the data in a way that suggests Ordnance Survey endorses you or your use of the data.
  • Ensure that you do not misrepresent the data or its source.

We now incorporate the new Open Government Licence into our OS OpenData Licence.

The Open Government Licence, developed by The National Archives, is designed to provide a single set of terms and conditions for anyone wishing to use freely available government information. Importantly, this does not alter what users of OS OpenData can do. All the data available through OS OpenData is still open for commercial or non-commercial use without restriction. More information on the change, and why we have made it.

To use your OS OpenData with other Ordnance Survey products you may wish to consider our sample, evaluation or developer licences - see here for more details.

OS OpenSpace

If you want to develop a web application than the OS OpenSpace service is free of charge and enables web applications to be built using datasets that are hosted by us.

When considering the suitability of OS OpenSpace for your proposed use, you may wish to note that:

  • OS OpenSpace applications must be publicly accessible and not used for the internal administration of a business.
  • Ordnance Survey data cannot be downloaded or archived.
  • No charge may be made to access it. 
  • Daily defined limts apply

Our data can be combined with other data provided you either own that data or it is licensed to you on terms that are consistent with the OS OpenSpace Developer Agreement. Users of your web application may also post their data on to it.

Full details of the licence terms that apply 

Example of  OS OpenSpace licensed use: A twitcher's tale

Glossary of terms 

Our definition of ‘Crown copyright’ and ‘intellectual property rights’ is available.

Contact us 

If, having read these pages, you have questions that haven’t been answered, please contact us for further guidance.

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For general enquiries, complaints, feedback or suggestions, email: customerservices@ordnancesurvey.co.uk or call us on 08456 05 05 05

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