Explore Ben Nevis in virtual reality


Explore Ben Nevis from the comfort of your sofa in Ordnance Survey’s new game for the Oculus Rift that invites you to race the clock and find the trig pillar.

Or take a tour of Britain’s highest peak with OS Virtual Ben Nevis, created for both iOS and Android and Google Cardboard use.


Oculus Rift game for Windows


Oculus Rift game for Mac



Android version of Ben Nevis for cardboard


iOS version of Ben Nevis for cardboard



Getting started

  • Requires Oculus Rift DK2 for VR support.
  • Controls: Use ‘wsad’ + mouse or a joypad for movement.

System requirements


  • 64-bit version of Windows
  • Oculus Runtime v0.7 or higher.
  • Use Esc to quit the app; ‘r’ to restart the timed run.


  • 64-bit OS X version 10.6 or later.
  • Oculus Runtime v0.6.
  • Set Security and privacy setting for apps to “Allow apps downloaded from: Anywhere” (see System Preferences in the Apple menu).
  • Use Cmd+q to quit; Esc to restart the timed run.
  • For Xbox/Playstation joypad support on OS X, install 360 controller, available on GitHub

Technical details

  • Data – 10km square of OS Terrain 5, with 0.5m resolution imagery from OS OnDemand.
  • Elevation data is loaded as a height map into Unity 3D.
  • Unity’s built in level-of-detail terrain system is used to render the terrain.
  • Oculus’ Rift’s software development kit (SDK) is used to provide VR support for desktop.
  • Google’s Cardboard SDK is used to provide VR support for mobile.
  • Joypad & keyboard input support provided by Unity’s Character Controller asset.
  • Unity’s WebGL deployment platform is used to build the web version.
  • Single project in Unity that outputs for web, mobile and desktop.
  • Trig pillar – custom modelled in Blender, with texture maps from a real trig pillar.

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