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About us


As a part of Ordnance Survey’s Product Development area, our Cartographic Design and Development (CartoDesign) team performs a key role in the organisation as the authority for cartographic design and development, and engaging with internal and external audiences to promote and communicate the value of cartography.

Cartography refers to the study and practice of maps and map-making. In the design of our products and services, the art and science of good cartography ensures a map communicates its message clearly and provides a pleasing user experience.

CartoDesign currently comprises of three cartographic design consultants, coupled with the 200+ years of Ordnance Survey experience.

Our work typically includes:

  • Advising other areas of the business on cartography
  • Cartographic research and monitoring
  • Collaborating over improving user experience
  • Consulting over product and content generalisation
  • Creating stylesheets for our cartographic products and services
  • Developing automated cartography, e.g. text/label placement
  • Engaging with our customers/users through workshops and forums and promoting better understanding of our products
  • Influencing product creation specification and processes
  • Liaising with our cartographic production area to ensure quality
  • Managing cartographic product consistency
  • Maps for marketing events, conferences and literature
  • Presenting and exhibiting to our peers and learning from other GI professionals
  • Promoting the value of good cartographic design
  • Showcasing Ordnance Survey externally as a global centre of cartographic excellence
  • Steering design of new products

Paul Naylor


Charley Glynn


Twitter: @charley_glynn

Christopher Wesson



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