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Glossary of Scots origins of place names in Britain: A to D

aller nalderAller Dean NT9847, Allershaw Burn NS9611
auld adjoldAuld Byres NS4219, Auld Mill NO4862
balk nalternative form of baulkHowbalk NU0513
baud nthicket, thickly growing gorseBauds of Cullen NJ4766, Birkenbaud NO7296
baulk nunploughed rig in a cultivated field often used as a boundaryBaulk Hill NO0709, Baulk of Struie NO0709
bell ntop of a hill, highest part of a slope; bell-shapedBell Craig NS5583, Bell Hill NY5397
belt nnarrow plantationBelt Hill NX6679, Belt of Muirtack NJ9938
bent nopen ground or sandy hillocks covered with coarse, rush-like grassBent NO6972, Bent Bridge NS4359
bicker nfight, quarrelBicker Bridge NJ5959, Bicker Burn NJ6058
bield nplace giving refuge or shelterBieldside NJ8802, Craigy Bield NT1756
biggin nbuildingLangbigging HY7644, Midbigging HY5103
bink nledge in a cliff, shelfBinks Hill NT4103, Black Binks NO2565
birk nbirch-treeBraes of Birkenhills NJ7445, The Birks NJ7261
bog nmorass, bogBruntshielbog NY4082, Dean Mill Bog NT7571
bonnet nsoft flat hatThe Bonnets NN8751, Blue Bonnet Hill NH5038
bonnie adjsee bonnyBonnie Doune NK0364, Bonnie View NT9550
bonny adjbeautiful, pretty, handsome, attractiveBonny Braes NX0669, Bonnyside NJ7915
boo nmanor house, village (used in Northern Isles and parts of Caithness)Boo Breck HY2716
bought nsheepfold; curve, bendHigh Boughthill NY7886, The Bought HY5608
bow ncattleBowfield NS3958, Bowhouse NO2610
Bracken nfernBracken Gill NY2994, Brackenhill NN9114
brae nslope of a hill; uplands (in plural form)Brackeny Brae ND2349, Braes of Coul NO2857
braid adjbroadBraid Bog NJ4218, Braidhaugh NT5910, Braid Cairn NO4287
brewster nbrewerBrewster’s Burn NS8208, Brewsterwells NO4809
brig nbridgeBrig o’Turk NN5306, Blackburn Brig NJ8744
broch ncircular prehistoric towerBroch of Borwick HY2216, Oxtro Broch HY2526
brock nbadgerBrock Burn NS5259, Brockholes NJ6307
broo nbrow of a hill, overhanging bank of a hillBroo Gill HU2678
brow nsee brooThrow Brow NT1012, Wedder Brows NT2209
brunt adjburntBrunt Rig NS7208, Bruntland HU5142
bu nbullBu Hill HY2204
bucht nsee boughtBuchtrig NT7714, Bucht Slack NT0427, Bucht Burn NS5543, Bucht Sike NT7819
bught nsee boughtSheep Bught Rock NX7243, New Bught Hill NX1471, Todsbughts NS8372
burgh nScots and Scottish English spelling of borough, town (originally with a charter)Jedburgh NT6520, Edinburgh NT2876
burn nstreamNether Burn NS9308, Newbigging Burn NJ6108
burrow nform of burghBurrowgate HY6123, Burrowley NJ9834
butt nground disjoined from adjacent lands, strip of ploughed land, irregularly shaped ridgeButt Hill NS7714, Longmeadow Butts NT5435
cairn npyramid or pile of loose stonesMacbeth’s Cairn NJ5705, White Cairn NJ5931
cald adjsee cauldCald Burn NO2977, Cald Well NY5382
carlin nold woman, old manCarlin Burn NS5242, High Carlingcraig NS5639
carse nlow land along river bank, flood plainCarse Loch NX9184, Carse of Bayfield NH8073
caul nweir, damOld Caul Burn NY2371
cauld nsee caulNisbetmill Cauld NT6524
cauld adjcoldCauldwells NJ8056, Cauld Cleuch NT4601
causey ncausewayCauseyhead NS4346, Causeyport NO9198
chingle ngravel, shingleChinglebraes HY4208
clash nlarge hollow or cavity on hillsideClash Burn NO7892, Clash of Wirren NO4975
claver ncloverClaver Hill NY7479, Claver Sike NY7379
cleuch nsee cleughCorbie Cleuch NS8503, Chapel Cleuch NS8112
cleugh ngorge, ravine, cliff, cragCleugh of Tongue NX5253, Baron’s Cleugh NT1460
clift ncliff, cleft, caveClifton HY5042
clint ncliff, crag, precipiceClint Burn NY7279, Clintlaw NO2853
close nenclosed land, farmyard, narrow alleyGreen Close NY2354, Howclose NX8775
cloy nsee cleughCloy Rig NX3281, Cloybank NS7779
coble nferry boatCoble Haugh NO0517, Coble House Point NO4619
comb nbosom of a hill, hollow in a mountain sideEast Comb NO7047, Lishaw Combs NY5984
corbie nraven, crowCorbie Craigs NS4509
corby nsee corbieCorby Linn NY5587
corrie nhollow on the side of a mountain or between two mountainsCorrie of Bellaty NO2460
corse ncross, market place, crossing placeCorse Burn NJ5507, Corse Sike NY3475, Corston HU3612
cot nsmall house, cottageSheepcot Hill NY0584, Washingcot Rocks NJ0852
cote, cott nsee cotEast Cote Farm NY1255, Woodside Cott NH8307
cotton nsmall collection of farm-cottagesCotton of Carnegie NO5241, Carriston Cotton NO3204
cottown nsee cottonNorth Cottown NJ7715, Upper Cottown NJ7615
cove ncave, cavernCove Harbour NT7871
cowper nhorse dealerCowper’s Craig NJ8266
craig nrocky placeSwallow Craig NS7310, White Craig NO2175
cran ncrane, heronCran Moss NX1033, Cranbog NJ8760
craw ncrow, pen, pig-styCraw Stane NJ4926, Craw Wood NY1379
croft nland of superior quality, kept constantly manured and under crop, smallholdingWestburn Croft NJ9420, White Croft NM9336
croo nsmall yard, sheep penBillia Croo HY2210, Croo Field HU2051
crook nfrom cruik: bend in a river, curved or crooked piece of groundAvoncrook NS9472, Crook of Devon NO0300
crooked nbent, windingCrooked Bank NS9010, Crookedshaws NT8025
cutty adjshortCutty Cleuch NY2279
dass nledge on a hillside or cliffGreen Dass NX9198, The Dass NT4750
daugh nsee davochDaugh of Aberlour NJ2842
davoch nmeasure of landEaster Davoch NJ4607, Davoch of Grange NJ4851
dean, den ndeep wooded valley (dean - south of the Forth, den – north of the Forth)Dunglass Dean NT7671, Easter Denhead NO2441
dess nsee dassDesswood NO5799
dod nbare hill with rounded topDeuchrie Dod NT6272, Friardykes Dod NT6569
dodd nsee dodDodd Sike NY7079, Great Dodd NY7992
doocot ndovecotDoocot Den NJ7863, Doocot Point HY4716
doup nbottom, end of anything, buttocks, backsideLittle Doups NJ8361, The Doups NT6536
drum nlong narrow ridge or knollDisdow Drum NX6156, South Drum NO5359
dub nsmall pool of water, puddleWaterless Dub NT2394, Davy’s Dub NS1855
dyke nstone or turf wallDeer Dyke NO6676, Dykefoot NO4781

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