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Glossary of Scots origins of place names in Britain: E to M

easter adjeastern(-most), lying to the eastEaster Anguston NJ8201, Easter Balmoral NO2694
elbuck nelbowDeil’s Elbuck NX9393
eller nelderEller Bog NX9385, Ellerslee NX9785
fal adjsee fawFalkirk NS8781, Falfield NO4408
fank nenclosureFank Wood NS0878, Fank Burn NN7024
faugh nfallow groundLongfaugh NJ8322, Faugh NS9312
fauld npart of the outfield of a farm manured by penning cattle on it, foldShuttlefauld NO1109, Stane Fauld NX2768
faw adjvariegated, of different coloursFaw Hill NT6213, Faw Side NY3596
fell nrocky hill, hill-moor, high-lying groundFell Hill NX2990, Garheugh Fell NX2751
fey nsmall field, croftKirk Fey NX1238, Fey Wood NX8977
firth nestuary, inlet of the seaFirth of Tay NO3727, Firth of Lorn NM7628
flag nflagstoneHorse Flags HY4849, Fowl Flag HY5055
flosh nsee flushFlosh Burn NT5303, Floshknowe NY0076, Floshend NY3168
flow nmorass, peat bogFala Flow NT4358, Anderside Flow NS6233
flush nboggy ground where water lies on the surfaceFlush Hill NX0067, Tranew Flushes NS3407
foggy adjmossy, spongyFoggy Moss NJ4654, Foggyleas NO2414
forest nlarge area of land not necessarily wooded, originally used for deer huntingForest Lodge NJ0216, Garadhban Forest NS4086
forking ndivision of a river into one or more streamsThe Forkings NJ6421, Forkings of Raith NS2962
fowl nbird of any kindFowl Craig HY5054, Fowl Taing HU5179
frith nwood, clearing in a woodFrithfield NO5507, Frithbie NY2065
gair nstrip of green on a hill, patch of marshy ground in heatherGair Burn NY6279, Gair Shank NT2809
gairy nsteep hill, precipiceGairy Lochs ND4685, Kittlegairy Burn NT2741
garth nshallow shingly part of a riverGarthbanks HU3612, Garthdee NJ9103
gate nroadGateside HU2978, Canongate NT2673
girth nsanctuaryGirthgate NT5043
glack nnarrow valleyWest Glacks NJ6039, The Glack NH7856
gled nbuzzard, kiteUpper Gledfield NH5790, Gled Brae NX7893
glen nvalleyFriar’s Glen NO6879, Sma’ Glen NN9029
gore nstrip of land at the side of a fieldGore Bridge NT6942, Gore Moss NX9973
gote ndrain, ditch, narrow inlet of the seaTod’s Gote ND3544, Whitemoss Gote NS2958
gouk nsee gowkGouknest NS4047, Gouk Hill NS3482
gowk ncuckooGowkhall NT0589, West Gowkhill NJ9046
grain nbranch of a river, arm of a valleyWillow Grain NS8412, Wolf Grain NO4388
green nvillage green, grassy ground surrounding a houseWoodgreen NS3044, Allerdean Greens NT9845
grip nfrom gruip: drainMillgrip HY6123, Rough Grip NJ3605
gullet ngully, ravineGullet Spout NX9195, The Gullet NY4887
gutter nmud, mire, puddlesThorter Gutter NT0217, Black Gutter NX4185
hack nwild, rocky stretch of moorland or mossHack Field HU1756, Hackland HY3920
hag, hagg nhollow of marshy ground in a moor, hillock of firmer ground in a bogHag Brae NO5050, Hagg Dean NU1627
hally adjholyHallywell Rig NT6953
hame nhome, settlementCauldhame HU3938, Tyninghame NT6079
hard npiece of firm ground as opposed to a bogWester Hardmuir NH9456, Burn of Hardwall HU3769
hass nsee hauseKatie’s Hass NT2941
hatton nfarm or settlement with a hall or main residence (a combination of Scots haa (hall) + toun)Easter Hatton NO1947, Merryhatton NT5479
haud noverhanging bank of a stream, retreatHaudgate Hole NT8655, Haud Yauds NT8368
haugh nriver-meadow, level piece of ground beside a streamHaugh of Glass NJ4239, Haughhead HY4010
hause ngap, opening, neck of land, head of a passHause Burn NX8762
head nsee heidHerston Head ND4191, Heugh Head NO5098
heck nrack or grating for fodder, for drying fish, or across a streamHunterheck NT1004, Old Haiks NO6111
heid nhead, highest part of a valley, summit of a hillThe Deil’s Heid NO6741
hemmel nfrom hammel: covered shed for cattleBlue Hemmel NY7475, Hemmel Knowe NT7759
heuch nprecipice, crag, cliff, steep bankHeuch of Coul NN9712, Little Heuch Law NT7816
hip nprojecting piece of landLamahip NO5592, Hanginghip Plantation NY2473
hirst nhillock, knoll, barren, unproductive piece of groundNetherhirst NY4473, Sandy Hirst NT6379
hog, hogg nyoung sheepHog Burn NT3918, Hog Lairs NT9113
hole ncover, shelter, holeBrockholes NJ6307, Low Todhole NY6298
holl nsee howeEast Holl NJ1456, Holl Burn NO2103
hollin nhollyHollin Burn NT7803, Hollinsheugh Hill NU1519
holm nfrom howm: stretch of low-lying land beside a riverLyneholm Cleuch NY2791
hope nsmall enclosed upland valley, hollow among the hills; bayHopehead Burn NT1438, St Margaret’s Hope ND4494
howe nhollow depression, low-lying piece of groundHopeless Howe NX3366, Howe Moss NJ7641
howie adjfull of hollowsHowierig NS8478, Howie Sound HY4631
jingle nsee chingleDeil’s Jingle NY2795, Near Jingle Sike NY4986
kail ncole, a variety of cabbageKail Yard ND4996, Kail Cairn NT3825
kaim nsee kameMaiden Kaim NO8883, North Kaim NS3461
kame ncomb, long narrow steep-sided ridge, crest of a hillBurn of the Kame HU4785, Easter Kame HU3788
kip, kipp nprojecting point of a hill, peakHyndhope Kip NT3519, Kipps Farm NS7366
kippie adjhilly, having kipsKippie Island NT8844, Kippie Knowe NT7716
kirk nchurchKirkhill NK0152, Kirkmichael NO0860
kirn nchurn, natural feature resembling a churnWester Kirn NJ2000, Auld Wife’s Kirn NT0500
knab nsee knapThe Knab HU4840
knap nhillock, knoll, rounded knob, lump, bumpMarnock Knap NO8277, Square’s Knap NO8183
knock nhillockBig Knock NT1017, East Knock NO4876
knowe nhillock, knoll, protuberanceLamb Knowe NS7917, Lang Knowe NS9830
kyle, kyles nsound, straitKyle of Durness NC3765, Kyles of Bute NS0472
lade nwatercourse leading to a millMill Lade ND3648, Distillery Lade NR3358
laigh nfrom laich: stretch of low-lying groundLaigh Drumdow NS2105, Laigh Riggend NS7669
laigh adjlowLaigh Hill NT1228, Laigh Wood NX1585
lair nmud, mire, bog, quicksand; place where animals lie down, enclosureHog Lairs NT9113, Nouts’ Lair NO7586
land nland, the fields, countrysideMeikle Kirkland NX8269, Woodlands NH8351
lane nmarshy meadow; sometimes English ‘lane’Rushy Lane NT0011, Shiels Lane NX1970
lang nlong, tallEast Langton NS4051, High Langmuir NS3941
latch nmire, swampLittle Latch NO4538, Latchfold NJ8146
law nround, conical often isolated hill,Lucklaw NO4120, Macbeth’s Law NO2034
lea ngrass-landOaklea HY4506, Rashboglea NJ8645
lee nsee leaNetherlee NS5758, Merrylee NS5659
ley nsee leaLangley NJ5156, North Whiteley NJ4347
links ngrass-covered dunesCullen Links NJ4967, Fisherrow Links NT3473
linn nwaterfall, cataract, deep, narrow gorge, shrubby ravineFlatt Linn NS6451, Furmiston Linn NX5992
lint nflaxLint Brae HY4006, Lintdub Moss NY2381
loan nright of way for stock to common grazing, lane, small common groundBraid Loans NY6477, Byres Loan NT3865
loaning nlane, bypath, right of passage for animals by means of a loanBrownrigg Loaning NX9976, Cadgers’ Loaning NY1288
lodge nhunting lodge, house, fishing-hutDrumbuie Lodge NO0344, Dryfe Lodge NY1893
lone nsee loanLone NJ0748, Moat Lone NT2602
loop nwinding of a river, lake or glenThumb Loop NX3386, Upper Loop NJ7544
loup nthe jump, the leap, narrow part of a river, small cataractWild Mare’s Loup NO7186, Black Loup NX3778
lug ncorner, recess, earThe Lug HP6317, Banklug NS4456, Blacklug NJ4137
mains nhome farm on an estateBuittle Mains NX8160, Carberry Mains NT3570
meikle adjsee muckleMeikle Auchrae NX6494, Meikle Cat Cairn NJ3515
mere nsmall poolMere Cleuch NT1008, Leishmere NH4040
mickle adjsee muckleMickle Corum NN8502
midden nrefuse heapWindydoors Midden NT4142, Blackmiddens NJ4226
mire npeat-bogBlackmire NJ1050, Bloody Mires NX5388
mirk adjdark, obscure, blackMirk Bank NY2791, Mirk Gill NY1199
moor nheath, unenclosed upland usually covered in heatherMoor of Dallachy NJ3663, Muckla Moor HU4367
moss nmossy ground, moorlandNorth Meiklemoss NK0331, Nutberry Moss NY2668
mote nmound, hillock, embankment, motteStraw Mote NS7917, Bardrochwood Mote NX4565
mouth nentrance to an enclosed place, mouth of a burn or riverPool Mouth NK1446, South Mouth HU6871
muckle adjgreatMuckle Burn HY3411, Muckle Ayre HU4655
muir nrough grazingBarr Muir NS5833, Blackiemuir NO6971
mull nheadland, promontoryBlue Mull HP5504, Mull Glen NX1331

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