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Glossary of Scots origins of place names in Britain: N to Y

nab nsee knapNabhill NU0046, Rock Nab NU1720, The Nab HU2148
ness nheadlandKinghorn Ness NT2786, Lamb Ness HY6821
nether adjthe lower-situated of two places, lowerMid Netherton NS5858, Nether Achie NX6277
neuk ncorner, projecting point of land into the sea, a remote placePark Neuk NJ1855, Roughneuk NS2704
nick nnarrow gap in a range of hillsSaddle Nick NS8203, Southerly Nick NT4038
nook nsee neukCraignook NY5178, Parknook NJ4722
noup nnobKame of Riven Noup HU3631, Little Noup Head HY5539
nowt nblack cattleNowt Bield HY2301, Nowt Rig NT1711
paddock nsmall farmPaddockfield NH5015, Paddocklaw NJ6661
pan nin coastal areas referring to salt pansPan Rocks NS3131, Salt Pan Bay NW9667
park nenclosure for hunting or agricultureFowberry Park NU0227, Parkhill NJ4460
path nfrom peth: steep track leading through a ravineStoneypath NT6171, Moine Path NC5155
peel nfortified tower (Borders), fence, stockade, palisadeLeitholm Peel NT7843, Peel Hill NT4628
peerie adjsmall (Northern Isles only)Peerie Breast HY4145, Peerie Hill HU5183
perk nsee parkPerkhill NJ5705
pike ncairn of stones on the highest part of a hillPike Cairn NT3424, Pikestone Sike NY6990
pin npoint, peak, summitPin Stane NS9410
plain nland free from trees, unwooded, piece of level groundBlowplain NX6677, High Plains NY4274
plea nquarrelPlea Moss NY2689, Plea Knowe NY2296
port nharbour, gate, gatewayPort Laing NT1381, Port of Rossdhu NS3589
pow nmarshy place, slow-running streamBogmill Pow NO2726, Carse Pow NX9859
pund nenclosure for animals, especially stray animalsGreen Pund HP6207, Lap Pund HP6107
pyat nmagpiePyat Cleuch NY1591, Pyat Side NT3737
pyet nsee pyatPyet Craig NX1386, Pyet Knowe NS2450
quaw nbog, marshEildon Quaw NT3512
rash nrushWhite Rashes ND3463, Rashfield NS1483
rashie adjcovered with rushesRashie Sike NT2312, Rashy Grain NO7485
raw nridge of ground, street, rowBlackraw NT0865, Cairnraws NX6274, Langraw NT5811
reesk nwet, boggy land, morassThe Reesk NJ4436
reisk nsee reeskReisk NK0556
rig, rigg nridge, long narrow hill, cultivated strip of landThrow Rig NS8811, Tod Rig NY4395, Riggend NS7670
risk nsee reeskRisk NS3759, Riskend NS7378
rispie nlong coarse grassRispie Cleugh NY5281, Rispie Lairs NT1412
rounall nsee roundelMarchfield Rounall NX9877, Beech Rounall NO0519
roundel nanything circularThe Roundel NN1404, West Roundel NS9646
row nsee rawStone Row NH9354, White Row NX3495
run nfrom rin: stream, land beside a streamChair Run NC7615, Well Run NC8704
sauchie nplace abounding in willowsSauchie Banks NY1396, Sauchie Wood NS5383
scad, scald adjsee scawdScad Cairns NO3160, Scald Law NT1961
scalp nsee scaupScalp Rock NG2963
scar nsee scaurScar Brae NY0984, Scar Point NY0065
scarf ncormorant, shagScarf Craig NJ2271, Scarf Rocks NC9666
scart nsee scarfScart Isle NR6320, Scart Rock NS2144
scaud adjsee scawdScaud Knowe NT9514, Scaud Law NT6801
scaup nbank for shellfish in the sea, infertile stony ground, small bare hillScaup Burn NY6599, Scaup Pikes NY6598
scaur nsteep, eroded hill, cliff face, long ridges running from cliff at low tideThe Scaurs NJ4738, Scaur Wood NJ7308
scawd adjhaving bare patches, bare of vegetationScawd Bank NY4393
scaw’d adjsee scawdScaw’d Fell NT1402, Little Scaw’d Law NS9104
score nsee scaurInner Score HU5145, Meikle Score ND2175
scree nmass of small loose stones on a steep hillside, narrow steep hollowScree Gully NO2774, Scree Road NC4300
scroggie adjcovered with stunted bushesScroggiehill NO1542, Scroggie Hall NX6779
scrogs nrough land covered with stunted bushesScrogs Field NT1841, Crossford Scrogs NX8388
scug nshelter, slope of a hillScug Wood NJ3642, Scuggate NY4474
seggy adjovergrown with sedges or reedsSeggy Burn NS5916, Seggycrook NJ5252
shade nsee shedSick Man’s Shade NO7262, Bradeshade NO7379, Broadshade NJ8107
shank nprojecting point of a hill, slope of a hillShank Glen NS2915, Shank of Auchnafoe NO5073
shaw nsmall wood, thicketShaw Wood NS4961, South Cowshaw NY0284
shed nstrip of land, distinct separate piece of landUpper Broadsheds NK0358, Bandshed Moss NJ7513
shiel nhut, shepherd’s summer shelterShiels NJ9319, Mid Foulshiels NS9864
shield, shields nsee shielShepherdshield NY7674, Shields Rig NT0453
shin nshin, ridge or steep face of a hill, projecting part of a piece of high groundWhiteshin NK1038, The Shin ND0822, Brown Shin NS9107
short adjlow, shortShortrighead NS8371, Short Hope NT3801
shot ndivision of landHeathershot NS7697, Cothall Shot NJ0056
side nhillside; also English ‘side’South Suttieside NO4651, Stony Side NT6458
sike nsee sykeBushy Sike NS7408, Tod Sike NY2984
siller nsilver, moneySiller Hill NJ6462, Siller Stane NT5532
sink nlow-lying area where water collectsBrierysink NS3053
skelly nrock, skerryBailiff’s Skelly NK0663, Black Skelly NO4182
skew ntwist, turn, state of ruinSkew Skerry HU3789, Skew Bridge NS6425
slack nhollow between hills, pass, pit, holeThief’s Slack NJ5421, Wain Slack NT6762
slag nmorassSlag Hill NS9880
slap npass, shallow valley between hillsSlap of Setter HY3415, Thunderslap Hill NJ3033
sloch nsee slockBerrysloch NO5894
slock nhollow between hillsThe Wolf Slock NX4589
slot npit, hole in the groundSlot Burn NS6832, Buittle Slot NX8161
smiddy nsmithySmiddyhill NJ9755, Backsmiddy NJ7745
snab nsteep, short slopeBuckstone Snab NT2469, Coldwell Snab NY4897
sneck nnotch, dip in the ground, saddle between hillsRed Sneck Burn NJ3123, Sneck of Corinch NO3564
snout nprojecting point of landBlack Snout NX9199, Burnsnout NH9456
souter ncobbler, shoemakerOuter Souter Cleuch NT8419, Souterford NJ7822
spout nwaterfall, boggy springSpout of Balbowie NS6487, The Black Spout NN9557
stab nsee stobStab Hill NX1472
stane nstoneThe Lecker Stane NO0803, The Nine Stanes NO7291
stank nditch, pond, moatThe Stank NT8128, Black Stank NJ2351
starry adjcovered in sedgesStarryheugh Farm NX9575, Starry Geo HY5237
stead nfarmhouse and buildingsLow Greystead NY7785, Lynestead NY5478
steel n steep bank, hill-ridgeSteelend NT0593, Cockston Steel NT6671
stell ndeep pool in a river, enclosure for sheep, clump or plantation of trees, shelterEast Stell NT2983, Fir Stell NT5046
steps nstepping stonesFoulsteps NU0930, Black Steps NX3878
stey adjsteep, very steepStey Brae NX6679, Stey Fell NX5560
stob nstake, postEaster Stobwood NS9553
stot nyoung bull, oxStot Hill NJ5903, Stotfaulds NO4939
straik nlong, narrow tract of landBroadstraik Farm NJ8106
strand ngutter, channel, drain for water, rivuletWhitewell Strand NT9116, West Strand NS5905
strath nbroad flat river valleyGreen Strath NJ4320, Helshetter Strath NC9661
stripe nnarrow tract or strip of land, rivuletAuchmadies Stripe NJ3247, Black Stripe NJ4754
swart adjblack, darkSwart Howe HY5003, Swartmill HY4846
swine npigSwine Burn NU0811, Swine’s Cleugh NT3351
swire nhollow between hills, level place near the top of a hillSwire Knowe NT4700, Windy Swire NT4700
syke nmarshy hollow, esp. one with a stream, small burnThreepsikes NT0294, Ormscleugh Syke NT4651
tack nfarm, leaseholdingTackhouse NS6443, Upper Tack NJ8916
tae ntoe, branch of a drainBroad Tae NT0712, Hard Tae NT7607
taft nhomestead and its landEvertaft HY4551, Tafts HU6091
tail nlower end of a fieldLaidler’s Tail NU0737, Wester Tail HU5999
tammock nsee tummockCairn Tammock NX5764
tap nhead, hill, heapCraw Tap HU2550, Bruntwood Tap NJ6621
tappin npeaked top of a hill, cairn on a hilltopThe Tappins NX3596, Welltrees Tappin NS7504
tappit adjhooded, crestedTappit Knowes NS8202
thorn nhawthornEast Thorn HY4846, Hardthorn NX9477
threap, threep, threip nargument, disputeThreapland Wood NJ2959, Threepsikes NT0294, Threip Moor NX9595
tod nfoxLow Todhill NS4343, Tod Fell NX7959
toe nsee taeToe Head NF9594, West Toe HY5640
toft nsee taftColbinstoft HU6193, Easter Tofts NS8635
toun ntownship, farmUpper Carlestoun NS6175, West Westertoun NS8667
trough nfrom troch: channel or bed of a river, valleyGreen Trough NS8911, Castletrough Burn NY0191
tummock nsmall hillockDogtummock NX9460
type nlow conical hillWhite Type NT0511, The Types NX5073
waird nsee wardBackwaird NJ7417, Swinewaird NO8680
wall nwell, wallWall Sike NY6099
ward npiece of pasture, division, beacon hillLittleward NJ5139, Brae Ward NS3158
water nstream, river, rivuletPow Water NN8919
wedder nwether, castrated ramWedder Law NS8828, Wedderhill NO8797
wee adjlittleWee Cleuch NS8806, Wee Doon NX4871
weel npool, deep still part in a riverWeel Pool NS4308, Barmuck Weel NS3106
wester adjwestern(-most), lying to the westWester Aberdour NT1885, Wester Bows NN7306
wham nbroad valley through which a stream runs, marshy depressionWham Rig NS6905, Gillwham NX9265
whaup ncurlewWhaup Crags NY6578, Whaup Knowe NX9793
whin ngorseThe Whin NT4739, Wester Whin NS8668
whinnie adjgorse-cladWhinniemuir NO1225
wiel nsee weelMcKie’s Wiel NX3776, Quaking Ash Wiel NX3775
wynd nlong, narrow lane frequently curvingCow’s Wynd NS7810, Stonywynd NO5614
yair nfish trapYair Hope NT4333
yard nyard, gardenCorseyard NX5948, East Grassyards NS2264
yearn neagleYearn Cleuch NS8807, Yearn Gill NT0120
yella adjyellowYella Moor HU4466
yett ngate, natural pass between hillsUpper Yetts NO0001, Whiteyett NY2494
yird nearthFox Yird NS6000
yonder adjmore distantYonderton NJ8452, Yonderhaugh NS9082

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