Planning application maps

You can buy large-scale planning application maps from OS Partners and outlets around the country.

As part of the planning permission or land registration process, you may have been asked to submit a map with your application. Our Partners supply large-scale OS maps, centred on a location of your choice. Order from them online, or visit an outlet near you...

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Blackwells ›

We provide the most cost-effective and comprehensive mapping solution for the UK & Northern Ireland. Find and download your mapping and GIS data instantly.
Blackwell's website>

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Brainnwave ›

Brainnwave is a global marketplace for data. It is designed to connect data publishers and buyers with the right data at the right time for the right price.
Brainnwave website>

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Buy A Plan ›

We offer online access to UK mapping in vector and raster formats. Vector maps can be be imported into CAD software; raster maps are ideal for planning applications.
Buy a Plan website>

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CentreMaps Live ›

Get instant access to licensed geospatial data 24/7 anywhere in the world via the online portal.
CentreMaps Live website>

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emapsite ›

Get instant access to the widest range of digital mapping and location content through our online services: Plans Ahead; Express; My View; MyViewer; and Contractor Link.
Emapsite website>

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Esri UK ›

Get access to experienced content and analytics specialists who can help you get the most out of GIS with data, processes and tools that meet your business needs.
ESRI UK website>

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Europa Technologies ›

viaEuropa online services deliver high-quality OS digital map data direct to your applications. They are compatible with with popular GIS software and web mapping APIs.
Europa Technologies website>

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Find Mapping ›

We combine datasets to create meaningful and easy-to-use tools that deliver insights from complex spatial data, and provide OS data in online services including APIs.
Find Mapping website>

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Getmapping ›

We offer data capture, hosting, streaming and management services, and Managed Data Services (WMS/WFS/WMTS) for PSMA members via the Crown Commercial Services G-Cloud.
GetMapping website>

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Groundsure ›

We provide high value, property-specific opinions, and analysis of land use based on the leading datasets that we collect and curate.
Groundsure website>

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Land Insight ›

Land Insight is a data platform providing information on land ownership, planning applications, site constraints, and market conditions.
Land Insight website>

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Landmark Information ›

Landmark Information delivers market leading property related environmental risk information, digital mapping and data.
Landmark Information website>

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Mapmechanics ›

Our key focus is offering rooftop geocoding for use in delivery planning and providing street-level mapping for detailed multi-vehicle route sequencing and scheduling.
Mapmechanics website>

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MapServe ›

We offer online access to UK mapping in vector and raster formats. Vector maps can be be imported into CAD software; raster maps are ideal for planning applications.
MapServe website>

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Miso ›

We offer a range of data management services, including transformation, translation and optimisation, licensing, hosting analysis and publishing.
Miso website>

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National Map Centre ›

We provide mapping and geographic information products to suit all purposes, both in person and via email, phone, mail and online.
National Map Centre website>

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Pitney Bowes ›

Pitney Bowes delivers accuracy and precision across the connected world of commerce by providing the most comprehensive and accurate location data.
Pitney Bowes website>

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We provide solutions including DigiRight, which lets you integrate feature capture into your business processes, and MAPSYS, our fully-featured GIS browser.
SCISYS website>

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Stanfords For Business ›

A leading supplier of large scale data, we can help you find the right product, advise on product licensing and pricing, create bespoke maps and translate data for you.
Stanfords website>

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Streetwise ›

Search and view OS maps with free tools for fast and accurate planning applications. We are one of the largest suppliers of site location and block plans in the UK.
Streetwise website>

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Terraquest ›

We are one of the UK’s foremost providers of Land Referencing, planning, GIS, online mapping & pre-employment checking services and outsourced Business Process Solutions.
Terraquest website>

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The GeoInformation Group ›

Get enhanced land and property information about building age and type, plus build information for both residential and commercial properties across the UK.
GeoInformation Group website>

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UK Map Centre ›

We are an authorised OS Licensed Partner supplying Ordnance Survey mapping and data products to individuals, councils and some large companies.
UK Map Centre website>

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GIS4BUSINESS are independent specialist mapping and geographical information consultants.
GIS4BUSINESS website >

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