Custom Made maps
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Now available in canvas print and framed options

Custom Made map

Create your own unique map with OS Custom Made maps

Focus on your favourite area or create a unique gift with folded, flat or framed maps. Show the instantly recognisable style of the OS Explorer and OS Landranger leisure maps.

Add your own titles and cover image to complete your map.

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Type in a place name, postcode or grid reference and click ‘Go’. If there’s more than one match we’ll give you a list to choose from.

The map will appear showing your selected location.

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Choose from OS Explorer 1: 25 000 scale or OS Landranger 1: 50 0000 scale maps.

OS Explorer shows more detail, but over a smaller area and are ideal for walking. OS Landranger shows less detail, but covers a wider area, perfect for on and off-road cycling and holidays.

You can see how each scale looks in the Detail View.

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You can drag the map to adjust the area to be printed. The white border on the Map Area shows the edges of the map. You may want to ensure that key features are covered, or ensure the map is centred exactly.

Once you are happy with the area covered, click ‘Lock map for printing’.

You will now be able to drag the red box to check the detail of the selected area – ideal for checking exactly what your map covers.

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Choose from a traditional folded map to fit in your rucksack, a flat rolled map or one of our framed options.

You can also choose the language for the map, which affects the cover and map key.

Once you’re ready click ‘Confirm and continue’.

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Enter your map title. These will appear above the map legend on your print. The first three lines are automatically converted to uppercase.

On folded maps your titles will also appear on the cover. You can add a cover picture by uploading one from your computer or choosing from one of ours.

After uploading a picture you will have the opportunity to choose the part of the picture to be used by moving the clear box over your photo.

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1. Choose Map Centre Point


2. Select Your Map Scale

  • These maps show public rights of way such as footpaths, bridleways and trails, boundaries, landscape features and places of interest, and show 20km x 20km. More >

  • These maps contain less detail than the OS Explorer series, but cover a larger 40km x 40km area and show places of interest, tourist information, roads, and landscape features. More >

3. Fine-tune Your Location

Detail view

4. Choose Your Print Options

Map Type

Choose between folded, flat or canvas. Folded maps are similar to standard Explorer or Landranger maps. Unframed flat maps will be delivered rolled in a tube, while framed and canvas maps will be delivered flat in a box.

  • Price £16.99

  • No frame £16.99

    Light oak framed £239.99

    100 x 89cm (plus frame)

  • No frame £149.99

    Light oak framed £194.99

    102 x 89cm (plus frame)


Choose between English or Welsh for the map key. This does not affect your cover titles.

5. Customise your map

Cover text

Make your map unique by giving it your own titles. The title will appear above the legend and on the front cover of folded maps.

Enter the text you would like displayed on your custom map legend.

Please note that the first three title lines will PRINT IN CAPITALS. The sub-title lines will appear exactly as entered.

Cover image
Upload your own photo, or choose one of our own specially selected images.
your own cover image.

You can upload your own image for the front cover. It must be larger than 200kb and less than 2Mb. It must be in JPEG, GIF or PNG format. Please see the terms and conditions (see footer) for use.

Or choose from one of our free stock images

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Cover preview

This is the cover preview; please check this carefully – as we will print what you see here.

Flat map options

Framed maps take an extra 7 days

Choose your frame options for your flat paper print

Canvas map options

Delivery: 7-10 working days

For ease of delivery, please include a phone number in your delivery info.

Choose your frame options for your canvas print.
Cover preview

This is the cover preview; please check this carefully – as we will print what you see here.

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