Comparing OS Digital Products


You can access OS mapping is a variety of different ways on your computer, tablet or smartphone. Here's a quick comparison of our main products.

OS Mapfinder

OS MapfinderOur original app for iOS, Android and Kindle is still the only way to make one-off purchases of digital maps that work offline.

It includes a full UK offline overview map for free, and includes features for planning a route on screen and recording the route taken. It’s ideal for any outdoor activity including walking, cycling, trail running and horse riding.

100km2 (10km x 10km) tiles can be purchased in-app and cost:

  • OS Explorer Map tiles: Android/Kindle: £1.99 | Apple: £2.29
  • OS Landranger Map tiles: Android/Kindle: £0.69 | Apple: £0.79


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OS Maps

OS Maps onlineSubscription-based mapping that works on any web browser (designed for desktop/laptop) or using a separate app for smartphones and tablets. Purchasing a subscription will allow you to access full features of both the browser version and the app.

Free standard mapping Yes Yes
Route planning Yes Yes
Route guidance No Yes
Route recording No Yes
Automated route finding in national parks* Yes Yes
Print in A4 or A3* Yes No
Access all 25k and 50k maps* Yes Yes
Use maps offline* No Yes

* subscriber features


The free option gives a ‘standard’ map with road and street mapping and some route planning features. An optional upgrade to a subscription (from 1 month to 12 months) gives access to more detailed 1:50k and 1:25k OS maps, as well as more advanced features such as snap to path routing (in National Park areas), larger prints, choice of route lines and more.

Codes to download digital copies of maps (found inside the paper Explorer and OL paper map ranges) are not used on OS Maps browser/online; they can only be redeemed and used in the app.

The browser version is ideal for planning routes, for printing paper maps and for importing routes recorded on GPS for analysis. The app version is great for following pre-planned routes, checking your position and local area and recording your trips.


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Free downloads with paper maps

OS Maps with download included

OS Maps smartphone app supports the mobile downloads included with latest versions of paper maps (Explorer and OL range). The app is available on iOS and Android smartphones. You can use the route planning and recording features, even while offline, in the areas of the paper maps you have purchased.

Note that your downloaded paper maps are only available in the app version – not the browser version.


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Quick comparison table

 OS MapFinderOS Maps onlineOS Maps app
Mapping: ‘standard’ map Yes - with or without an internet connection Yes - with an internet connection Yes - with an internet connection
Mapping: 1:25k and 1:50k maps In-app purchase of 100km2 tiles Subscribers only, with an internet connection Area corresponding to your paper map OR all of Britain with a subscription. With or without an internet connection.
Mapping: aerial imagery Not available Yes – all users, with an internet connection Yes - all users, with an internet connection
Route planning Yes Yes Yes
Route recording Yes No Yes



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