OS Maps with digital download included

Our maps on your mobile


Every time you buy a brand new OS Explorer or OS Landranger map, we give you access to the digital version of that map for your mobile smartphone. You’ll need to download our OS Maps app first.

Mapping that’s just as mobile as you are

There’s nothing quite like using an OS paper map to plan your route. We’ve spent over 200 years collecting the data that makes them so detailed and accurate. But when it’s just as easy to look at your mobile phone – why not have the best of both worlds while you’re exploring?

  • Buy your OS Explorer or Landranger Map
  • Unfold it, smooth out the creases and get lost in the detail
  • Find the unique code on the cover
  • Enter that code here
  • Download your map, start planning your route (you can save it for later too)
  • Take your phone along on the journey and it’ll record the route you take

Which maps include the download?

All of our OS Explorer 1: 25 000 scale maps and Landranger 1: 50 000 published from 2016 onwards, with the blue 'Download included' badge on the cover. It's not available on other map ranges or for Custom Made maps.

OS Maps app devices

Do I need an iPhone?

You’ll need a fairly recent iOS (Apple) or Android smartphone or tablet. OS Maps works on both platforms. The app is free and you’ll find it in both app stores.

Just enter the unique code from your paper map and download the digital version.


How does OS Maps on mobile work

How does it work?

Buy the map, find the code – it’s printed clearly on the inside cover. Our OS Maps app will ask your permission to access the GPS function on your phone. Once everything’s set up, OS Maps can track your route precisely – you’ll see where you went, how far, and what height your route was too. We’re adding new features all the time, so make sure you sign up for news about the latest releases.

OS Maps mobile bonus features

Are there any bonus features?

Yes. When you access OS Maps online, as opposed to on your phone, you’ll get an overview of Great Britain’s roads, and there’s an intelligent name-search function too – to help find those out-of-the-way places.

Activities with maps on mobile

What about poor signal?

Unlike other apps, the area you’ve bought as a paper map is available via the OS Maps app on your mobile phone even if there’s no signal. That means it’s brilliant for using in remote areas. And as well as having the map in your pocket, you can plan a route and save it for later – even if you can’t send texts or access WiFi. No signal, no problem.

OS Maps app functions

What else can I do with my OS Maps app?

You can add or remove maps from your smartphone as often as you like, without losing them, which will help keep your storage free for other things. When you buy a map and access the unique code, we’ll keep that download available for you in your OS Maps account.


Where can I find out more?

We’ve pulled together some FAQs, and divided them into three sections to make life easier for you.

Search for place, postcode or grid ref

Get your new map now

Search for a place to find the new OS Explorer map for that area. You can also find the new OS Explorer maps in bookshops and outdoor gear retailers.

You can get the app from Apple App Store or Google Play - just search for 'OS Maps'.

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