Garmin Fenix 5


Created for athletes and those who love adventure, the Fenix 5 multisport GPS watch takes all the features of its acclaimed predecessor, the Fenix 3, and adds many more.

The Fenix 5 has 24/7 wrist-based heart rate, new navigation features, a bigger and brighter display, more apps, improved training data, a better battery life and is waterproof to 100m. Alongside that are advanced performance tracking features and apps for cycling, running, skiing, swimming, climbing and mountain biking among many others.

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“Everything you want in a sports watch”

‐ 15 November 2017

I love the Fenix 5, particularly the sports apps. The only criticism I have is that there is nearly too much data to play with. Hard to sink your teeth in to it all, but hopefully will learn more over time.

“Expensive and glitchy. ”

‐ 14 November 2017

For the price of this watch you’d expect a lot better. It has real problems syncing with the connect app. No mater how many times it fails to connect it gives no reason other than. ‘Is your Bluetooth turned on’. £500+ for a watch with sortware problems isn’t good enough. Garmin should fix this sync problem ASAP. If your thinking of buying one I would hold off until they fix the problems.

“Great watch with one minor flaw”

‐ 13 November 2017

I love this watch. It has everything you could need and more. I’ll probably never use all the functions. Largely I do trail runs and running. The mapping and navigation is great for me and the watch is smart enough for day wear.

Delivery was quick and I was lucky enough to take advantage of the OS promo code which got me around £75 off the price so very happy.

I had the FR235 prior which was good but this surpasses it in every way.

The only criticism I have is the grey bezel seems to be painted rather than grey all the way through. I’ve been careful and only worn it for running and haven’t banged or knocked it all but noticed it sustained a minor chip where the paint came off. That shouldn’t happen. A watch at this price should really be more rugged, especially as it’s meant to be designed for less than gentle activity. Shame on Garmin for that shortcoming.

I’m not the only one that’s noticed this. Lots of reviews have highlighted the same. It would be less noticeable on the silver bezellled version I assume.

If not for that it would have 5 stars but functionally, the best sports watch I’ve ever had and I’ve had a few.

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