Satmap Active 20 GPS Platinum Bundle

With OS 25k and 50k GB maps


The Satmap Active 20 GPS is all new for 2017, and incorporates the latest GPS technology. The Platinum bundle includes 250k scale base mapping plus both 1:25k OS Explorer and 1:50k OS Landranger mapping for the whole of GB.

Bundle includes 12 month Premium access to OS Maps.

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4.5/5 (6 customer reviews)


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“Robustness yet to be tested”

‐ 14 November 2017

Our unit failed on first use in the rain and it turned out that the case was faulty and let in water where one of the face screws is positioned and was loose. Before it packed in it was working like a dream. We contacted Satmap directly and their customer service was brilliant! We were sent a new unit as soon as we retuned home and they covered cost of postage for the unit we returned for them to investigate. I would have rated at 5 before it failed and 1 after it failed but because Satmap customer service was amazing I am giving it a 4 star rating.

“Superb GPS machine”
Tom Russell

‐ 14 November 2017

Firstly, I should state that I was not a fan of Satmap 10 or 12 --- the buttons were just too fiddly and imprecise. This latest version has solved that problem and it has become an excellent machine. I'm impressed by how readily it gets a signal and is ready to use. The build seems robust (dropped mine twice but not onto concrete). The new rechargeable battery that's USB chargeable is a great idea; it lasts me two days on average. Disadvantages are that it is larger and heavier than the previous models but pleasantly so. Highly recommended!

“Excellent piece of technology and superb with OS maps”
Robin T

‐ 14 November 2017

The GPS is impressive and I was surprised how well it keeps track of location even in woods or buildings and on buses and trains (with the inevitable limitation of course that it can't be expected to do so in train tunnels etc ).
The OS maps are great to have and, as someone with vision issues, I find the ease of zooming in on the touch screen makes this a much easier way to see which side of the fence the path is on than the alternative of peering at a paper map through a magnifying glass. The automatic changes of map scale work entirely smoothly and it's easy to keep it on, say, the 1 to 25k scale map if you want to zoom in on that without it changing to the 1 to 10k street map.
There are many user-controllable settings and options which seem to have been very well thought out. It can be used for route planning and keeping a trip log etc and it even tells you sunset time.
A fully charged battery seems able to last for a whole day's walk and there are ways to get it to conserve battery power. So far I have used this only as a stand-alone device so can't comment on its Wifi or bluetooth capabilities.

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