Satmap: Great Britain Whole 1:25k and 1:50k mapcard

1:25 000 scale


Set of two SD cards with OS Maps for all of Great Britain Full, including both 1:25k (OS Explorer), 1:50k (OS Landranger) maps, plus street view for your Satmap GPS

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“Uncertainty . . . ”
Chris Palmer

‐ 05 February 2017

Personal experience with these map-packs is, as yet limited. My Active 12 worked enviably well with the 'south' card installed whilst we were walking in Powys and exploring Radnor Forest (often starting: 52.305785, -3.192603). Once locked the tracking worked well even in amongst the trees. But closer to home I'm left wondering which card would apply, would it be the 'south 'card or would it be the 'north' card. My active 12 seems to have a habit of freezing if given a lot to do and its at home in SE Manchester (53.38----N) where it seems to freeze the most. And its when it seems most inclined to freeze that it also seems most disinclined to register and load either of the map-packs.

I had imagined that the 'north' and 'south' cards would overlap somewhat in the viscinity of the divide of their coverage. The 'north' card, at least in the vicinity of Diggle (53.569069, -1.991273) seems to end at around 53.5-----N so Diggle is on the map, just. However my experience with the 'south' card is that it loaded when I trekked south from Macclesfield Forest, Trentabank car park (53.237498, -2.059054), to Shutlingsloe trig point (53.223225, -2.036814) but resolutely failed to load when I trekked north from the same starting point the very next day. Neither card would load on that trek on that second day. For the record that second trek is charted by SP 53.223225, -2.036814; WP 53.244134, -2.042994; WP 53.240847, -2.072348 (Leathers Smithy PH) to finish back at SP.

The day the 'south' card and map packs worked (Trentabank to Shutlingsloe and back) I then drove to the Stanley Arms PH, Bottom o'th Oven (53.248683, -2.030498). It was then that the Active 12 froze again and became unusable. I recall 'seeing' what might have been the northern limits of the 'south' map-pack but was not clear in mind what the half-screen rendered image actually signified. Now thinking back it could well be the case that the 'south' card coverage extends only as far north as 53.25----N. If only I could be sure. And I struggle to be sure because the Active 12 really struggles to perform well and boot map-cards and map-packs when I am between 53.25----N and 53.5-----N.

So it is really annoying.

In the case when large SD cards and large map-files are inserted it is the processing pwer of the Active 12 that seems to be its limiting factor. Plus, it does increasingly seem to be borne out by my own experience that I live at 53.38----N in a location that seems to fall between the southern limits of the 'north' card, and the northern limits of the 'south' card. When you buy paper maps from OS you know exactly in advance what area that map covers.

The Platinum edition whole GB 1:10,000, 1:25,000, + 1:50,000 does make it plain that it comes on two cards . . . but there is no documentation shipped with the cards to explain the limits of either the 'south' card or the 'north' card. Hence if your Active 12 is working hard to get a satellite lock or to maintain one, if it freezes, and if it resists registering or booting the map-packs your are left wondering what on earth you are doing wrong. It might be that you are doing nothing wrong but you could be in a void that, it seems to me by my experience, that simply may not be covered by either card.

Lets see if OS or SatMap come back with a reply.

That said if the device and map-packs worked as they should, indeed as I found they did in Powys, then the device is a good one and the same could be said of the map-cards.

[Editors note: After checking with Satmap, it looks like there was an issue with the SD card. They have sent out a new one, so if anyone else has a similar issue with overlapping areas please get in touch!]

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