OS Trail GPS with 1:50k full GB mapping


The OS Trail is a large screen handheld GPS with advanced navigation.

Includes 1:50k mapping, 6 free 1:25k OS mapping tiles, a 6-month subscription to SeeMe and a 3-year subscription to OS Maps Premium.

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“Hmmmm - good when it works”

‐ 21 September 2018

Device has a great display area and is useful for pinpointing where I am and have been, and collecting interesting trivia on distance, time, gradient, etc. However, it takes a long time to connect to satellites and struggles to do so in forested areas. I'm on my second device after the first failed to operate properly and the second is better but the display 'froze' and the map started shooting to the West which made it impossible to navigate in the low cloud (precisely the situation I had bought the device for). Good spec, but reliability is a real issue.

“OS Trail an outstanding device”

‐ 04 August 2018

I have never had a GPS before, and only really started walking seriously in late 2017, having found my feet so to speak taking footpaths around me, from OS maps I found myself buying, the urge to explore more was growing, and I had begun looking at a GPS, but I was unsure, then in 2018 the OS launched the range, and having weighed up all the options across the range and what I wanted to do in the future it was clear the ‘Trail’ met my needs.

Once I got it home I could not wait to get startered, and with the quick start up guide, it was all set up, and my first mapmtile downloaded. It was time to get to know my device and how it worked. The device comes with a OS map subscription and I plotted my first route, I stayed local but also a new set of paths I had never walked, and off I went.

It’s very simply outstanding fabulous wonderful and amazing device, and don’t regret every penny spent, it’s well worth it.

Easy to set up, easy to use, and the detail of the map tiles is brilliant.

8 weeks later it’s out every weekend, and I and exploring more and more and further and further, with my now very trusty trail in my hand and back pocket.

I cannot recommend the device highly enough, the subscription to OS is just brilliant and all the plotting and adding to my device in seconds is all so easy. 8 a, like a kid in a sweet shop, but as I am walking more, getting fitter, perhaps 8 can have a few more sweets.

Thank you OS. A superb bit of kit, and what a truly magnificent service you provide.

“Fantastic piece of kit! ”

‐ 30 March 2018

If I add up the cost of the two phones I have damaged due to it getting wet and a smashed screen in the outdoors, buying it earlier would have saved me money. So far worth every penny in my opinion.

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