Garmin GPSMAP 64s with 1:50k full GB mapping

Includes free OS Maps Subscription (worth £25.99)


This bundle includes the Garmin GPSMAP 64s GPS, GB Discoverer™ 1:50k OS Landranger mapping for the whole of Great Britain and a free OS Maps subscription (worth £25.99).

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“Good solid walkers GPS but perhaps a bit dated now”

‐ 15 February 2017

I've had one of these for probably 5 years now and it has been fabulous.

Good things are it's accuracy, ease of basic use, robustness (I've dropped mine numerous times and thrown it down the path from my bike). ability to detect satellites in less than ideal conditions and the simple button operation (means you can work it without taking your gloves off - a pain with touchscreen GPS). It also runs on standard size batteries, so you can use alkaline or lithium 'dry cells' or rechargeables. If the batteries do run out whilst yr on yr travels, it still retains your route, location etc as you put fresh ones in. Although still quite a lot of money, it is also cheaper than many other quality GPS handhelds.

Bad things are the web interface offered by Garmin (doesn't stop you from just exporting the .gpx file, but it's a pain). To get the best out of it isn't intuitive - you need to practice and study the manual. Compared to some newer 'plug and play' devices you'll have to work away at it if you want to use all the features to their maximum potential. It's also quite bulky and the screen is small, so the total area of the map you can see is limited. I would never walk without the paper map and a compass.

“A great addition to walking kit”
Malcolm Rye

‐ 23 October 2016

This hand-held GPS is a very good safety item to have as part of my walking kit.
The features available on screen allow the user to set almost any destination, and get there by whatever land method you use.
Transferring my TRACK to PC has been difficult, but I now have a programme that accept it.
I have also used it in a light aircraft to the record paths taken from point to point.
A great accessory.

“Garmin gpsmap 64s 1:50 full mapping ”
Damion Devlin

‐ 21 October 2016

Great bit of kit, was a good investment with the military Mils bearing feature it made it a useful piece of navigation equipment within the UK. The detail was beyond perfect I n finding a bearing to getting to a grid reference in a predetermined time and an estimated travel time too always keeping you updated as to your pacing.

If I had to say a negative, which isn't a big thing is I went on a patrol exercise in Italy the commando Raid Patrol competition it work great with the basic mapping to get from A to B but with no detail and to be fair it did give me all the information reference distance, bearings and time to destination etc. If I could say one improvement is the O/S website could give you more access to 1:50 K worldwide mapping with the advice on how too down load to the device overall a fantastic bit of Navigational equipment for any civilian and military user 10 out of 10 from me.

[OS staff note: the availability 50k of mapping varies country to country. We have some of the most popular in the shop, and the Garmin official site has a complete list, available as either a SD card or a download]

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