Map of Mars - Western Arabia Terra (Limited edition)

Margaritifer Terra & Schiaparelli

RRP £24.99

NOW £21.99

Mapping an extent of the surface of Mars in our famous detail, this limited edition 1:4,000,000 map of the Red Planet is our first foray into intragalactic mapping.

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“Great - but how about our own lovely moon?”
Gerry Arnold

‐ 06 November 2018

Congratulations - a brilliant idea, and it looks like the quality product we expect of OS. I'm busy photographing our moon at present in all its phases, and a detailed map naming all the features would be most welcome. All the information is there already online, especially at NASA, and if OS applied its legendary skills, I'd be at the front of the queue!

“A great idea”
Fi Darby

‐ 10 October 2018

This is a great idea and who wouldn't be pleased with the opportunity to mentally explore Mars?

“Great map! Would love to see more like it!”

‐ 11 November 2017

I bought the Mars - Western Arabia Terra map a while back and had it framed - it looks amazing and is a great conversation piece. I'd love to see more maps of different areas of Mars, or other planets or moons (Venus, anybody? :D)

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