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OS Maps on iPhone Example Explorer Map

With selected OS maps you can now download a copy for use on your Android or iOS smartphone or tablet. Each paper map has a unique code that will give you access to the same mapping using our new app, OS Maps.

Just scratch off the silver panel on the inside cover, enter the code and then download your map inside the app.




Which maps can I get a digital download for?

All current edition OS Explorer maps in 1: 25 000 scale and OS Landranger maps in 1:50,000 scale have the mobile download available. Look for 'Includes mobile download' on the cover. Tour maps will not have mobile downloads, but the OS Maps app has a road map available for free.


How do I claim my download?

Go to and follow the instructions. You will need to have a unique code from a paper map. It is printed on the inside cover underneath a scratch-off panel.


Why is my code not working?

The most likely cause of this is the entry of the code, please note that:

  • The codes are all 12 letters, with no numbers - avoid using zero and one
  • All the letters are printed in upper case, so be aware of I (i) and L (l)
  • You do not need to type the dashes between the letters

If your code is still not working please contact us for help.


I've borrowed a map - can I get a digital copy?

Each code can only be used once, so if someone else has already used it, you will not be able to.


Can I buy just the digital map?

Not at the moment. You can download map tiles using our app, OS Mapfinder, or upgrade to a Premium subscription in OS Maps to access maps on both mobile and desktop devices.


I've just bought a map and the scratch-off panel has already been scratched off

Please contact the retailer to replace the map to get a new code.


What are the app requirements?

It is available for iOS (Apple) and Android devices. The minimum version required is:

  • iOS: 9.0 and later
  • Android: 4.4 (KitKat) and later


Where can I get the app?

OS Maps logoYou can download it from iTunes or Google play. Use the links below or search for 'OS Maps' published by Ordnance Survey.

Download from Apple App Store for iOS devices   Download from Google Play for Android devices


Where can I find out more about using the app?

The app is designed to be intuitive to use, but we have created an FAQ to answer some of the most common questions. Choose the OS Maps app FAQ for Android or the OS Maps app FAQ for iOS (Apple) depending on your device


What happens if I delete a map or change my phone?

Maps you have purchased and redeemed the code for are stored against your account in the OS Shop. If you delete the map, change your phone or even switch between an Android device and an iOS one, you will still have access to your maps. In the OS Maps app please ensure you log in with the same username and account as you use on this site and the list of available maps will be shown under 'My Maps'

This means that you may want to add a map just for a trip or holiday and then delete it afterwards to save space, with the knowledge that you can download it again at any time.


I don't have an Android or iOS device - how can I use the mobile download?

At the moment we only have apps available on Android and iOS devices, so you will not be able to use the mobile download. Please sign up to our newsletter below or follow us on Twitter or Facebook for news and updates.


Can I use the mobile download on a Garmin, SatMap or other GPS device?

No. GPS devices use different file formats which are controlled by the device manufacturer. Contact your GPS manufacturer for updated maps. We carry some maps for the most popular brands in our Shop > GPS Accessories.


Can I use the mobile download with any other desktop software or app?

No. Every maker of mapping software uses different formats for thier map downloads to work with that specific software. You will not be able to use your download on other desktop software or apps, Please contact the manufacturer or supplier of your software or app to obtain updated or additional maps.


Can I use the download on OS MapFinder?

OS MapFinder was released before mobile downloads were available and we have decided to use the newer OS Maps app for the mobile downloads as this supports newer devices and integrates better with the desktop browser version.

We have maintained OS MapFinder to cater for those who prefer to make one-off purchases of map tiles. The OS Maps app supports the downloads included with paper maps and offers all of Great Britain for an monthly or annual subscription. You can continue to use both apps if you already have tile purchases.


On the downloads for Explorer 101, 139, 460 or 462 or Landranger 18 why is it just a blue screen?

All of the above maps include areas of coast or islands and when shown it displays the centre of the map - which happens to be all sea! To find land, either zoom out or scroll:

  • Explorer 101 – Isles of Scilly - scroll south to find Isle of Scilly
  • Explorer 139 – Bideford, Ilfracombe & Barnstable, Woolcombe & Lundy - scroll east to find mainland, west to find islands
  • Explorer 460 – North Lewis - scroll west to find mainland, keep scrolling west to find Flannan Isles, then scroll south-west to find islands of Boreray and St Kilda
  • Explorer 462 – Orkney - scroll south-east to find mainland, west to find islands
  • Landranger 18 - Harris - The islands are shown in their real position, not as inserts as on the paper map. Search is the easiest way to find them.


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