Upgrading from OS getamap to OS Maps

OS getamap closed down 31 July 2015. The technology it used did not work on many newer browsers or mobile devices, so we encourage all users to try the replacement, OS maps.

If you have an OS getamap subscription, you subscription is valid with OS Maps online. Launch OS Maps here


OS Maps is a completely new system, rebuilt to work on more devices and allow us to add more features over time. Many of the features in OS getmap have been translated to OS Maps, but some have changed or moved, so here's some of the key changes and how to find them.

OS Maps - map types

Your maps

Subscribers can access our new standard map, 1:50k scale Landranger map and 1:25k Explorer map, as well as aerial imagery.

Use the map select in the bottom right to switch between the different map layers. If you select the 'Standard + OS Leisure Maps' layer you will automatically be shown the map type that best suits your zoom level, indicated on the zoom control.

Next to the map select is the 'find me' button. It will move the map to your current location. If your device has a GPS chip, such as most smartphones and many tablets, this should be quite accurate. For desktop and laptop computers without GPS this relies on your web browser knowing your location, with accuracy varying depending on how you are connected to the internet.

OS Maps - Routes

Your routes

All your existing routes created before 6 March 2015 have been transferred over from OS getamap. OS Maps no longer uses a folder structure, so all your routes have been renamed to show the name of the folder (map) then the name of the route, so using the 'Sort: A-Z' will place them in order, or you can use the 'Search by keyword' to find a specific route.

Click the 'Routes' button to:

  • Discover routes from the database of created by other users and professional writers. Only routes in the current map area will show, so if you can't find any switch to zoom map and zoom out a bit.
  • Create a new route for printing, or just to check the distance and elevation
  • Check your list of previously planned or recorded routes.

To change any of the details or alter line colour or thickness on an existing route, such as route name or type, click 'Edit' and then 'Save' - this will allow you to update the name, add a rating and any other information.

To import any routes created after 6 March, export it from OS getamap as a GPX file. To import the routein to OS Maps click 'Routes' then 'Import a GPX file'. You can also import GPX routes from other sources such as GPS devices or walking websites.

You can export a route from OS Maps to use in a handheld GPS, select the previously saved route from 'My Routes', click the 'close' button in the top right of the panel to get the route summary, and the 'Export GPX' function. At the moment only simple GPX files can be handled but we are looking to add support to more GPX file types shortly.

OS Maps -Route Options

Route details

When saving or editing, you can now rate the route and give an indication the type of terrain and difficulty. This is useful for your own records and great if you are sharing the route with others.

You can also rate the routes that you find created by others.

Routes are saved as Walk, Run or Cycle, and an estimated time for the route will be calculated. If you find this too fast or too slow, click on your account name > Preferences and input your average walking, running and cycling speeds for more accurate estimates. You can also set whether distances and heights appear in metric or imperial.

Coming soon you will be able to add photos.

OS Maps - printing

Printing your map

Subscribers can now print bigger A3 maps in portrait or landscape, using any of the map types, allowing you to fit more of your route on a single page.

Click the Print button and select the paper size, orientation and map type to print. The map type you have selected here will override the one shown on screen, so make sure you choose the map and zoom level that's most useful for your needs. Scroll to the bottom of the print panel to choose whether or not to include a Route Card (list of waypoints) with your print.

Try OS Maps for one month for only £4.99 (normal price £7.99) until 31 December 2015. Add the One Month OS Maps Subscription to your basket and use discount code GAMUPGRADE in checkout


Want to know more? See the FAQs for additional help, go back to the OS Maps information page or just try OS Maps now.


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