OS Extra Large Waterproof Picnic Rug - Great Britain


This huge waterproof picnic rug is ideal for holidays anywhere in Britain. Big enough for a family, it still packs up into a really small stuff sack, making it ideal for carrying to the ideal picnic spot - wherever that may be!

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“Dry bottoms”
Alan Parkinson

‐ 17 October 2018

When buying this rug, the main reason was to be able to place it down, and for the whole family to be able to sit on damp sand, or grass, picnic or otherwise, and be comfortable. It's large enough for everyone to be comfortable, but folds up into a small bag. Handy to be able to peg out on a windy day.

As a teacher, I've also used it as an educational resource to test UK knowledge.

My favourite place to sit is the SW peninsula (on the rug that is, not in real life)

Lisa Wells

‐ 15 October 2018

I love our picnic rug and we’ve used it so much over the summer months. It has handy holes in the corners to peg it out, it’s a fab size for everyone to sit on together, packs down small and washes well.

The children have loved exploring while eating their picnic and we’ve found it very educational. We’ve had some very funny conversations remembering some of the places we’ve visited on the rug!

Absolutely love it and would recommend

“Great product, just need some summer to use it!”
Matt P

‐ 18 April 2018

This blanket is massive, but folds up really small (into the supplied bag), which makes it ideal for camping, picnics etc. The mapping is interesting and educational for children too.

I'm just waiting for the summer to arrive so I can use it outside!

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