Get more from the outdoors using the OS Maps app

Outdoor Industry association Digital Product Winner 2017Plan all your routes and adventures instantly on your smartphone or tablet using the new OS Maps app. It’s a simple-to-use mapping app that includes all of Great Britain in a choice of map types for different activities. Used by hundreds of thousands of walkers, ramblers, runners and mountain bikers it’s the perfect outdoor companion.

OS Maps app - choose your map and find your route


Go further with the OS Maps app

Make the most of your time outdoors with advanced route planning features, including automatic snap to path in National Parks. You can synchronise your routes with the desktop version, import and export GPX files to discover new routes, and turn on route following to alert you when you go off your planned path.


Your navigation skills: our maps

You’ll recognise the familiar map symbols and icons you’re used to on our paper maps. Using GPS we can show you exactly where you are and record your route. Choose the best map for your needs from standard overview map, 1: 50k (Landranger), 1: 25k (Explorer) and aerial imagery. And we've ensured the screens and menus are easy to read and use, day and night.


Choose your path

Free: access the standard, aerial and night maps while online. Plot or record routes and import GPX files.

With a paper map: buy a new paper map with digital download included, and get a digital copy of the map to download, plus all the features available to free users. Read more about downloads included with paper maps

Premium Subscription: access to all 25k and 50k mapping online, with the ability to save areas for use offline, plus all the features of free users. See the range of subscription options.

Subscription options




Digital Download with paper map

Premium (see options)

Maps online

All of GB in standard & aerial

All of GB in standard, aerial & night map plus digital copies of paper maps purchased

All of GB in standard, aerial, night map, 1: 50k, 1: 25k

Maps offilne (without data connection)


Areas of paper maps purchased

Downloaded areas in 1: 50k (Landranger) & 1: 25k (Explorer)

Route planning & recording

Yes (free registration required)



Desktop <-> App route sync

Yes (free registration required)



GPX files

Import (free registration required)


Import and export

OS Maps in your browser

Standard and aerial maps, (free registration to unlock route planning)

Standard and aerial maps, route planning, A4 prints

Standard, aerial, 1: 50k (Landranger) & 1: 25k (Explorer) maps, route planning, A4 & A4 prints


Download the OS Maps app

Download the OS Maps app from Google Play or Apple App Store. When prompted by the app sign in with your OS Shop/OS Maps username and password.

Download from Apple App Store for iOS devices   Download from Google Play for Android devices


Keep moving onwards

OS Maps is still being enhanced - we're working on the following new features for future releases:

  • Find places of interest along your route
  • Route rating and ranking
  • Automatically finding a circular route


Finding the way to your next adventure

About Us

Ordnance Survey is Great Britain’s national mapping agency. With OS Maps, you’ll get up close and personal to our mapping data on your iOS or Android devices.

Nobody else keeps their maps updated in quite the same way. We regularly release updates to our apps based on your feedback and comments to help all our customers make the most of their time outside.

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