OS Maps 12 month Premium subscription


The most detailed view of Great Britain across all your devices on a 12 month subscription to all 607 OS Leisure Maps for less than 5p per map. Plus easily discover, plan and follow your routes in the great outdoors with 3D imagery, aerial flythroughs, augmented reality and offline access.

One Premium subscription includes both web and app

3.5/5 (10 customer reviews)


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“Superb value for money”
Michael Simpson

‐ 03 January 2020

I was after some maps of the South Downs and needed to spend about £50 for what I needed so to get it all on here for less than £30 plus the rest of Britain is a bargain. Not tried all the other features yet, but my phone's GPS on offline mapping works a treat and anything else is a bonus in my book.

“Lots of unscheduled features.”
David Haspel

‐ 11 December 2019

I first signed up about a year ago and it behaved reasonably well. Not as sophisticated as a £30/year licence fee should give you. More recently fewer of the functions/features seem to work. Plus I have lost my annual walk total. It fails to save the route I have walked half the time. Inshort, it performance has seriously degraded. It sits on my MS Laptop and Iphone and ipad. The Iphone tools are very limited and that it the field machine. I have had to buy a battery pack to keep going past two hours and not sure what happens any more when the canopy obscures te GPS signal. Originally it just drew straight lines between the lost signal points.

Please invest all and more of the licence fee in order to get getting a proper workmanlike tool up and running.

I have no idea when it updates.

“Better now”
Dave Williamson

‐ 26 November 2019

Had a few problems with the recent updates so can't give it five stars, but it seems much more stable now and fingers crossed, operating as I'd expect. Thank you for resolving the issues and keeping subscribers informed and I hope to remain a subscriber for years to come.

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