OS Maps 1 month Premium subscription


Upgrade to an OS Maps 1 month Premium subscription to get access to a wider range of maps and features, including Aerial 3D, Augmented Reality and much more

One Premium subscription includes both web and app

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“Value for Money”
Dave Cattell

‐ 31 October 2018

I have had the Premium maps subscription for coming up to two years now. Its excellent to use all over the country. First Year was free with Trail magazine but I renewed and have not been disappointed .!
Being "old school" I always have a paper map with me !

Andy Simpson

‐ 01 July 2018

Thought I'd try a 1 month subscription again as last time I had issues. Sure enough this time again problems logging in "our engineers are working on it ", routes that I create I cant open as it says they are private or need a subscription, which I have paid for. Issuses trying to piint out maps... oh and of course everyonr goes out in the country 9-5.30 Monday to Friday when Customer Service is open.....

James Mcnamara

‐ 29 April 2014

I purchased this as a trial as I didn't want to commit for the full year without trying it first. At £7.99 it is the same price as a std map, but I can print out as many maps as I need. I have found the service excellent, so much so I have now purchased the full year version. Well done OS!

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