OS Maps 12 months recurring subscription


The most detailed view of Great Britain across all your devices on a 12-month recurring subscription to all 607 OS Leisure Maps. Easily discover, plan and follow your routes in the great outdoors with 3D imagery, aerial flythroughs, augmented reality and offline access.

The 12-month auto-renewal is our best value plan, saving you 23% on a standard subscription. One Premium subscription includes both web and app

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“Great product - but....”
Alan F

‐ 14 March 2018

This is really good value and a fantastic app - my main gripe - using it on Android - is that it lacks detailed resolution on zooming in. The previous version (OS Mapfinder) was far higher resolution which enables easier navigation in tricky areas, especially in towns. This needs addressing.
The other thing that needs addressing - again maybe an Android issue - is that on the route recording function the app doesn't show how far you have walked until you finish and save the route. Again this is a downgrade from the older version OS Mapfinder.


‐ 12 March 2018

We are lucky to have such fantastic mapping from the OS - so much better than the mapping available in most other countries. So now I can make my overseas colleagues and friends even more jealous by showing them our great maps online.

“Poor show”

‐ 08 March 2018

It is annnoyjng that having been purchasing MapFinder Panels from OS I learn that the app is now obsolete and the panels can’t be imported into the new app . So I have to in effect repurchase all the maps I want if I am to keep up to date ? . That’s a ‘poor show’
[Editors note: If you are in this situation please contact Customer Services. They will provide a subscription or Paper Map downloads for OS Maps]

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