OS Maps 12 months recurring subscription


The most detailed view of Great Britain on all your devices. 12-month recurring subscription to all 607 OS Leisure Maps. Find, plan & follow routes with AR, 3D & more.

Easily discover, plan and follow your routes in the great outdoors with 3D imagery, aerial flythroughs, augmented reality and offline access.

The 12-month auto-renewal is our best value plan, saving you 23% on a standard subscription. One Premium subscription includes both web and app

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“Bank Details Amendment”
Dave B

‐ 28 August 2018

Excellent mapping. However software can sometimes be difficult to use and is not intuitive. Also site can be unhelpul, have been trying for sometime to change bank details on a recurring subscription and have been unable to find how to do this or get help to do so.

“Great app”
Simon L

‐ 23 July 2018

This is a great app and very useful whilst on the move.
However my auto renewal has come round but I cannot change the bank account. What happens now?

“The superb & familiar OS maps on a screen.”
Geoffrey Reeves

‐ 15 July 2018

I use a Garmin etrex 20 with open source mapping which is very good, but I believe that for for detail and accuracy the OS 1.25k maps are the best on a digital screen. I still use the etrex along with OS on my smart phone & find they compliment each other very well indeed. If I lose my way in unfamiliar terrain though, then it is the OS mapping I look to.
The OS app system has a few idiosyncrasies, but it is the lovely & familiar OS mapping which stands out for me every time. I create routes on my desk top PC, save them, & then download onto my phone for offline use, then follow them in airplane mode, while hiking. I have found them to be very accurate and trust what I see on my screen...I print a tile of the route off on paper and occasionally refer to it to get "the big picture" while hiking. I think the cost is very reasonable.
I actually cancelled my continuous membership as I was having a few problems at first, but since changing my phone I have changed my mind and I believe this app is working much better now on my more up to date Android phone. I will more than likely be renewing my membership, expecially as I am creating quite a collection of some very nice circular routes and saving them on my phone, for use time and again.

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